Good afternoon, President Tang, distinguished guests, professors, and friends!

My name is Yin Ziyou. I’m a graduate with bachelor degree of Communication in Media Arts and Design. I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity to represent the graduating class of 2020 to extend my gratitude and share the perspective of my life at UIC.

First of all, I’d like to congratulate all UIC graduates of 2020, and my special congratulation is to all my classmates, the first cohort of the Programme of Media Arts and Design. We are pleased to grow up with our Programme, and are proud to make this journey a wonderful life experience.

Every end has its new beginning. Today is our last day as undergraduates, and tomorrow after graduation, we will start a new journey to learn, to explore and to discover. When I chose UIC and joined MAD four years ago, I didn’t know what I would get in return. The new environment made me excited and worried as well, and forced me to get out of my comfort zone and face new challenges. Away from my family and the familiar environment, I tried my best to study, to explore, to communicate, and most importantly, to be self-disciplined. Today, upon my leaving, I am proud of my decision of coming to UIC, and am grateful to each episode I experienced here.

During my four years at UIC, I have made friends with amazing people who are warmhearted and helpful, so I never felt lonely or helpless. The cozy environment at UIC doesn’t imply that we don’t need to face any difficulties. Instead, trained by the keep-coming challenges, I have become a stronger and more confident person standing here today. Whenever I got exhausted and wanted to give up, the idea of escaping would always be quickly replaced by the joy of learning to draw, to paint and to design. No matter it was a teamwork with my group-mates, or an individual project all on my own, the excitement of completion, especially with acknowledgement from my supervisors, gave me great satisfaction and has built up my confidence day by day.  

Graduation is not the end of our goals, but it should serve as a launching point to the next journeys. No matter it is professional career or further study ahead, we shouldn’t dwell on our previous achievements, but should look and go forward to reach our goal and fulfill our dreams with great courage, and bring happiness and pride to our loved ones.

Finally, I’d like to express my gratitude to UIC for providing us with everything we need to achieve our dreams at this stage, and equipping us with sufficient knowledge and skills to go to the next stage with ability and confidence. My gratitude is also given to all my teachers who have enlightened us with their expertise and offered us supports whenever we were in need. I am also grateful to all my fellow students for all the memories we created together.

Thanks to UIC, thanks to MAD, and thanks to everyone who has witnessed our growth here, and you are all invited to witness more achievements we are going to make in the future. Thank you all!