The College’s motto is In knowledge and in deeds, unto the whole person. Liberal arts education at UIC aims at cultivating students with a broad understanding on multiple fronts and ways of knowing, which is to be coupled with an in-depth study in a specific discipline; whereas its whole person education is to nurture the inner-self of students so that they can achieve sustained excellence in life and contribute to the betterment of society and the world.

The ethos of whole person education is embedded in the formal and co-curricular learning activities at UIC and realised by students’ attainment of seven Graduate Attributes (GAs): Citizenship; Knowledge; Learning; Skills; Creativity; Communication; and Teamwork. The College focuses on the enhancement of students’ learning opportunities and experiences via the continual enrichment of its Whole Person Education delivery, which is mainly supported by the Whole Person Education Office; the General Education Office; the Student Affairs Office; and the Divisions.