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"On Liberal Arts" is a new section in UIC magazine New Dimensions, which hosts a forum for UIC community members to discuss liberal arts education. Let us explore the essence of liberal arts education in the dialogue between China and other countries, by combining theory and practice, as well as contrasting between ideals and reality.

You are welcome to share your views on Liberal Arts in either English or Chinese and email us at mpro@uic.edu.cn.

Topic 1: 在博雅大学读书/教学是一种什么样的体验? | On Liberal Arts: My Studying/Teaching Experience at a Liberal Arts College
        --  董铁柱:博雅大学:形式还是理念 | Dong Tiezhu: Is a liberal arts university a form or a concept?
        --  蓝宇鹏:感谢UIC那些“没有用”的课 | Lan Yupeng: Studying at a liberal arts college
        --  格雷戈里:我的博雅体验:从奥格斯堡大学到UIC | Gregory Lewis: Liberal arts: From Augsburg University to UIC

Topic 2: 博雅教育与科研 | Liberal Arts and Research
        --  方开泰:博雅教育能培养出色的研究人才 | Fang Kaitai: Where do good researchers come from?
        --  凯莉·茵格丽丝:博雅是一场追光实验 | Kelly Inglis: Riding on a beam of light
        --  王源:我的哈佛之路 | Wang Yuan: The road to Harvard

Topic 3: 我眼中的博雅教育 | My Views on Liberal Arts Education
        -- 邬向明:中国教育的博雅思考 | Wu Xiangming: Growing with my child in Liberal Arts Education
-- 布莱恩·克拉克: 融会贯通的博雅教育 | Brian Clarke: Liberal Arts – a personal view
Topic 4: 博雅教育的关键词 | Key words of Liberal Arts Education
Topic 5: 从博雅到全人 | Liberal Arts and Whole Person
Topic 6: 通识与博雅 | General Education and Liberal Arts
Topic 7: 博雅的领袖 | Liberal Arts Education and Servant Leadership
Topic 8: 博雅教育是世界的还是本土的? | Liberal Arts: Local or Global?