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President Ng, Professors, Parents, Fellow Graduates, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good Morning,

I am Fengting Jiang, a graduate from the Accounting Programme this year. It is indeed my great honour to address all of you on behalf of the 2018 graduating students.

Today, we gather together to celebrate our graduation, a milestone in our lives. Here, I would like to take this opportunity and share with you the most important lesson that I learnt.

Looking back to the freshman year, we all came to UIC with excitement and anxiety. 1,397 days later, the most important lesson that I learnt at UIC is: accepting and appreciating our imperfections is just as important as emphasizing our strengths.

Shakespeare once said ‘some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them’. In life, we cannot count on being born great, but remember that the opportunity to achieve greatness is always within our grasp. Many of the world’s leaders and heroes started their lives as average persons, just like us.

In fact, I think the more we are in tune with what is going on with our bodies, minds and environment, the more we are likely to make the right decisions from a quiet place, and realize the opportunities in front of us. This is also what I benefited from UIC’s whole person education, which aims at nurturing the inner-self . I am motivated to achieve sustained excellence in life and contribute to the welfare of society.

Thank you professors, administrators, and staff for working diligently every day to not only cultivate our mind, but also our spirit.

Thank you family members and friends, who are here today, and those who are not able to come. Thank you for the never-ending love and support that sustain us all.

Thank you UIC, for the excellent learning environment, the academic challenges, and the professional development opportunities. We had the chance to better understand ourselves, accept our imperfections, and enhance our strengths. Through the whole person education that UIC emphasizes, we learned how to think critically and behave ethically.

Cheers to the determination that took each and every one of us here today! Cheers to the times that we aced the exams and nailed the internship and job interviews. Cheers to the bright future that is ahead of us! I am truly proud of all the graduates of Class 2018!

Tomorrow, we will have a new identity, as UIC alumni. Let’s continue to support each other, and cherish the home that we once shared. One of the UIC slogans says “grow with UIC”, we have indeed grown with UIC. Each of us will represent her in every corner of the world. So please always remember to live up to UIC’s principles and values, and make her proud.

Congratulation again! Fellow graduates of the class of 2018! Let’s follow UIC’s spirit: innovate, progress and excel, and make our goals a reality.