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President Ng, professors, distinguished guests, friends, proud parents and fellow graduates,

Good morning.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak here as a representative of the graduating class. My name is Cui Yuxian, a fellow graduate from the PRA programme in Division of Humanities and Social Sciences.

I'm honored to be with you. Together we have sailed together from UIC as a unique whole person.

How many of you remember exactly where you got to know the word "whole person"? I first became familiar with the term from the materials UIC's offered. At that time, I was not sure about the true meaning of the phrase.

But after building my four years of experience, I find the answer as many of you do. That is: "In knowledge and in deeds, unto the whole person."

UIC has never been stingy to provide us with knowledge and the ways to gain insight. English direction environment, freedom in developing ideas, excellent professors from all over the world, well-equipped classrooms and library, and diverse extracurricular activities are transforming us into professional people as well as global citizens. More importantly, we have been given the knowledge about ourselves, helping us find who we are. In fact, when I entered UIC, I was not a PRA student and puzzled over my future career. It was my professors and my senior schoolmates who helped me find my way by giving me kind counsel and wise advice.

UIC teaches us not only to be individuals but to be true to ourselves in in a diverse society. Here, we have learned how to deal with relationships towards different cultures both by ourselves and with the help of UIC. I will never forget that those classmates, friends, and professors exchange ideas of their cultures with me. I will never forget that our dear UIC faculties hold varied workshops to help us accommodate the multicultural community. I will never forget that UIC provides us a chance to touch other cultures by giving us access to oversea projects and activities.

Also, I will never forget the relationships I developed here: my roommate, my friends, and my teachers. We've all, fortunately, started lifelong friendships here, and some of us have even become families. That's also why I'm so grateful to UIC.

Today we are going to sail from our dear UIC, a home that makes us a unique whole person. In the future, there must be clear blue skies, as well as tempests passing by. But remember, UIC and your fellow graduates will be always at your back.

So, don't be afraid. Stick to who you are as a whole person, stepping into the bright future you have laid.

In knowledge and in deeds, unto the whole person. Thank you, my dear UIC.


And congratulations, my dear fellow graduates.

Good luck out there.

Hope we can all achieve our dreams.

Thank you!