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Dear Professors, guests, parents, and friends, good afternoon!

My name is ZHENG Mengchuan, Kingsley. I am a 4th year student, studying in the UIC’s renowned Cinema and Television, the signature program of division of Creativity and Communication. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to speak to you. It is truly a great honor for me.

I realized that for the past year I have introduced myself as a 4th year student at UIC, and after today that will all change.

I am one of the 2014 UICers, a special group of students who learned to move! In 2015, We moved from Chuangya to ‘Xiaozhen’ and then to the partially built new-campus in 2016. Today in 2018 we are living in the 99% completed new UIC campus. You must realize UIC is always moving forward. Whether it is a new program, or a new division, a new slogan, UIC never stops.

We 2014 UICers have really witnessed the growth of UIC, and we are proud of what we’ve seen.

Today is the memorable moment of our graduation, a time we have anticipated for 4 years. When we first came here, we thought it would be four long years. But today, we realize that 4 years went all too fast.

When I look back, I can still remember the time when I attended my first lesson in the classroom in ‘Xiaozhen’. I would have to listen attentively. I discovered that If I expected to make it my knowledge, I had to capture what teacher said in class, and then it would return this knowledge in my hard disk.

4 years ago, my goal was to become an effective and proficient English speaker. But that goal would be too limited. I have developed as a whole person just as UIC expects. I have gone well beyond just speaking English fluently. I have been fundamentally changed.

UIC provides a creative, inspiring and open environment for nurturing students. We started to explore, understand ourselves about what we’re interested in, what we can do well. This enables us take the initiative to adopt a self-learning mode. And we start to contemplate a life direction. And, just when we have it all figured out, it is the time for our graduation. But after all, we are now well-prepared for the next phases of our life.

So today I say farewell. I’ll remember the words of professors, the 10:15 closing melody at the library, and so much more. But, like everything else time runs out. The classes we took, the assignments we finished, the setbacks we struggled with, the professors we met, the friends we made, they are all now part of who I am.

Today, we step out from UIC. Confidently humble, sometimes fearless, intellectually curious, as whole persons. And, of course ready to move on again.

Thank you again for giving me this opportunity to speak. I wish you all nothing but success. The launch of our career just started, started at this moment, started in UIC.

Happy graduation! Thank you.