[DBM] Summer Online Lecture #13 - Tri-Dimensional Value Model: a New Perspective in Branding Strategy and Market Positioning
Monday, July 06, 2020, 14:00 - 16:00
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6 July Dr. Youssef 小

About the Speaker

Dr. ELHAOUSSINE is a researcher and professional from France. He completed his scientific undergraduate study in France and Scotland, specializing in analytical techniques and polymer structures. After his scientific curriculum, he completed a Master Degree in Marketing Management in Cranfield University in England. Dr. ELHAOUSSINE has been working in China for more than 5 years as a production manager for a French printing consumable retailer, developing a manufacturer networks and monitoring the production in China and Europe. In 2016, he obtained his doctorate degree from Sun Yat-sen University School of Management in Corporate Entrepreneurship specializing in Marketing and Consumer Behavior. After that, he was an associate researcher for the Sun Yat-sen International School of Business and Finance specializing in B2B Branding strategies for Chinese factories and the Belt Road Initiative. He is regularly invited by trade organization to provide the latest development on brand strategies.

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