DCC Online Talk: “The Expanded Field”
Tuesday, July 28, 2020, 09:00
Location Zoom

Title: The Expanded Field

Speaker: Zhiwan CHEUNG

Date: July 28, 9am

Zoom ID: 62608081849

Password: 616569



An experimental reflection on the state of video art in the time of COVID-19 and zoom meetings.


In seeking out the personal stories inside everyone about who we can be and what we can do, one can center the individual while allowing the intimate to become universal. A presentation of the personal can become an act of dignity, by insisting that society face the individual – not looking past or through them. Ultimately, capturing the language of a person and place is convoluted, not always clear nor fixed, and constantly shifting. Through this talk, Zhiwan will share our stories, where the narratives join and diverge, drive both our lives and the world around us. Such mythologies are guided by an allusive visual language, with a mix of pop cultural, art historical, and aesthetic signals and choices that also lead audiences into finding their own rites of passage.

About Speaker:

Zhiwan Cheung (b. Long Beach, CA) received his BFA from Cornell University and his MFA from Carnegie Mellon University. Zhiwan first got a taste of performing in front of a camera as a book reviewer for Reading Rainbow, the 1990’s television show advocating reading for children. Since then, Zhiwan has continued to probe the intersection of national identity and the personal psyche, focusing on how and where they join and diverge. Zhiwan has exhibited work both nationally and internationally in venues such as NURTUREart Gallery in New York, Pica Pica Gallery in Berlin, and The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. Currently, Zhiwan is currently a Professor of Media Arts at the United International College in Zhuhai, China.