On 3 December, a UIC team won runner-up in the finals of the 2017 Qualification Programme (QP) Case Analysis Competition in Shanghai. The students on the winning team were Wei Zeyuan (Year 3, FIN), Cai Sirui (Year 3, ACCT), Zheng Shidi (Year 3, FIN) and Zhong Huishan (Year 3, ACCT). 


The QP Case Analysis Competition is a high-level accounting professional competition hosted by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants. The competition helps students develop their business skills, enhance their ability to analyse as well as solve practical problems through research and analysis of specific corporate business cases in additional to enhancing their teamwork and public speaking abilities.

This year, 436 teams from the top universities in the Mainland participated in the competition. A total of 26 teams from UIC’s Division of Business and Management (DBM) participated in the competition. Among them, nine teams entered the second round (a total of 41 teams), the best teams advanced to the final round (a total of eight teams) and UIC’s team won runner-up.


The captain of the UIC runner-up team, Wei Zeyuan, said the team had encountered difficulties in the race and confidence was wavering. However, their supervisor as well as DBM’s Senior Lecturer, Ben Wong, gave them very valuable advice to motivate them. Team members also encouraged each other and jointly adjusted their mentality, eventually overcoming difficulties. Zeyuan believes that in the QP competition, runner-up is a strong achievement, and that the most important thing is to fully understand financial analysis and marketing strategies. The team also said that their success would not be possible without the support from their teachers and UIC.

UIC is the first university in the Mainland to certify its Bachelor of Accountancy programme through the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the only university in Guangdong that has gone through this Institute to certify its professional accounting conversion programme.

Reporter: Samantha Burns
Photographs: DBM
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He
(from MPRO)