Organized by The Sports Bureau of Guangdong, the 2017 Guangdong Colleges and Universities Health Qigong Competition kicked off at Shaoguan College on 3 December. The competition was divided into group and individual competitions. The UIC Health Qigong team participated in the group competitions for the Baduanjin exercise and the Liuzijue exercise. In the individual competitions, team members participated in Yijinjing, five-animal exercise, Liuzijue and Baduanjin. With the efforts of all team members, UIC's team won two second prizes in the group competition, as well as a gold medal, a bronze medal, and two fourth place prizes in the individual competitions.

image001UIC Health Qigong team (From left to right: Wang Yuanmou, Yu Xuejiao, Fang Wenze, Guo Yuchen, Zhao Kaiyi)

More than 70 students from different colleges and universities attend this competition.The UIC Health Qigong team, consisting of students Wang Yuanmou (Environmental Science), Zhao Kaiyi (Accounting), Guo Yuchen (Computer Science and Technology) and Yu Xuejiao (Culture, Creativity, and Management) attended the competition, representing UIC. The instructor of UIC's Health Qigong course, Mr. Fang Wenze was also involved as the referee of this competition.

The students didn't only come home with prizes, they also returned with a new sense of the heritage and development of Chinese traditional culture, and were able to show that modern college students can take courses while also remaining true to their Chinese roots. At the end of the competitions, Mr Fang performed the five-animal exercise for the audience. His relaxed, calm, and natural actions won the audiences’ praise.

 Mr Fang performing the five-animal exercise
 Yu Xuejiao wins the third prize in the Baduanjin exercise competition
 Guo Yuchen wins the first prize in the Liuzijue exercise competition
 South China Normal University, Shaoguan University and UIC's school team

Health Qigong is a Chinese traditional sports program which combines physical activity, breathing and mental adjustment. UIC provides students with an open-minded education. UIC believes that knowledge through diversity and rich experiences favour sound development of students. UIC gives Health Qigong strong support for it's continued development. In the future, the popularization and development of Health Qigong will benefit more students physically and mentally and will contribute to the inheritance and development of Chinese culture.

(from WPEO)