A Year 4 Social Work and Social Administration Programme (SWSA), Mr Guo Hanming, won the Second Class Award at the Fifth Social Work in South China Forum cum Post-Graduate Social Work Students in Universities of Guangzhou Academic Forum. Mr Guo presented a paper titled ‘Exploratory Study of Burnout Amongst Chinese Social Workers: A Survey in Guangzhou’, which received positive comments from the panel formed by renowned scholars from universities from around Guangzhou.

Mr Guo Hanming and Dr Charles Leung celebrating after winning an award at the Forum

The Forum was organized by the Public Administration College and MSW Education Centre of the University of Guangzhou, as well as the Guangzhou Social Work Research Centre. The forum focused on the following themes: Social work education, social work and indigenization, innovation in social work practice, balancing the development of social work in the urban and rural areas, experiences in social work development in Guangdong. There were more than 90 post-graduate social work students participated in this event. The forum offered two First-Class awards and six Second-Class Awards. Mr Guo is the sole participant who won an award with the capacity of under-graduate social work student.

After the forum closed, Mr Guo thanked his teacher, Dr Charles Leung of SWSA Programme, for his recognition and encouragement to his work on this paper. Mr Guo also said, in this forum, he had an opportunity to share his views on the development of social work in Mainland China with many professors and social work teachers, which helped him to expand his scope and perspective in this issue.  He also expressed his heartily thanks to all teachers of the SWSA Programme for their efforts and on-going support to students.

Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He
(from SWSA)