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On 16 May, the Student Affairs Office (SAO) held the Student Leadership Path Programme Leadership Award Presentation Ceremony in the Students and Staff Activities Centre (SSAC). 603 students were awarded prizes, including of 12 Diamond awards, 43 Gold awards, 144 Silver awards and 404 Bronze awards. Leadership awards were given to recognize the participation and devotion to the betterment of the college community.

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The ceremony began with opening remarks given by the Vice President of UIC, Prof Zhang Cong, who expressed praise for the award winners.

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Two student representatives shared their experiences of leadership. Year Four Accounting (ACCT) Student, Zhang Yuchen, winner of a Diamond Prize, shared his experience being involved with the Student Union and other clubs, and encouraged fellow students to try new things in college.

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The other speaker, Year Three Accounting Student Fan Hua, winner of a Gold Prize, also shared her experience with clubs. She mentioned the training and skills she gained through participating in various activities. Both students expressed gratefulness to UIC for being given so many opportunities.

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Year One student from the Division of Science and Technology (DST), He Chen, came to watch the ceremony.“Zhang Yuchen is an admired mentor, I knew him before. And I want to listen to him speak and learn from him. Also, I want to know more about the Student Leadership Path Programme. I hope I can be like my mentors and stand on the stage to receive an award one day.”

“Efforts you make can be seen.” said Yang Zhenxi, winner of a Bronze Prize. “UIC can see your efforts, and encourage you to be more active. I hope other students can try to participate in more activities, such as clubs and volunteering. Don’t waste your youth, and do something you enjoy.”

The Student Leadership Path Programme is a unique part of UIC’s Whole Person Education. The Leadership Award Presentation Ceremony is held annually, and aims to encourage students not only pay attention to studying, but also contributing to the college community.

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Reporter: Li Dandan (Y1, IJ)
Photographer: Yao Zihong (Y1, FST)
Editor: Samantha Burns
(from MPRO)