On 6 August, under the leadership of DBM Assistant Professor, Dr Karen Yoon Fah Lee, and SAO Junior Residence Tutor, Ms Wei Tingting, nine UIC students participated in the 16th Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Student Services Association (APSSA). For the first time, this event was held at the Malaysia University of Science and Technology in Kuala Lumpur. Participants discussed the following four topics: ‘Rational Use of Social Media’, ‘Physical and Physical Health: Challenges and Opportunities’, ‘Environment and You and Me’ as well as ‘Becoming a Global Citizen’.

Group photo of UIC students and teachers in Malaysia

Wang Xun (left) and Guo Mingxuan (ACCT, Y1) present their topics

Year 2 GIR student, Wang Xun, explained that the theme of her speech was how to use social media reasonably. In the group discussion, she exchanged ideas and shared experiences with students from Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, in addition to other regions of China. For her personally, this was a good opportunity to learn how to work with others and to deal with conflicts arising from different social and cultural backgrounds. During the event, the students also visited the Red Square, St. Paul's Church, and Santiago Castle in Malacca. The students learnt about the special history of Malacca through the provided lectures and visits.

Group discussion

The APSSA is an international organisation with a distinctive focus on the Asia Pacific region. It is a network of student affairs professionals who are passionate about strengthening their role in tertiary education by providing positive student experiences that enhance student learning. The annual meeting of the APSSA is held every two years. The theme of this conference was “Participation-Enhancement-Development: Advancing the Frontiers of Student Affairs”, with participants coming from 52 universities from 12 countries.

Group photo of the participating members

Translation: Samuel Burgess (MPRO)
Photographer: Wei Tingting (SAO)
Editor: Deen He (MPRO)