Over 1,700 new students arrived at UIC to move into their new dormitories and prepared for freshmen registration on 25 August.

This semester, UIC students have been awarded the most amounts of entrance scholarships, with 44 outstanding students earning Full Entrance Scholarships. These full-time degree-seeking students have come from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, the US, Venezuela, as well as Malaysia.





One of the recipients of the scholarship is Dalian native, Zheng Yining. She has been admitted to UIC’s Accounting Programme on a Full Entrance Scholarship. She agrees with UIC’s concept of Whole Person Education and looks forward to getting a well-rounded education through UIC’s unique programming to prepare for further abroad study after graduation.

20180825freshman12Zheng Yining is interviewed by the external media

Another new student from Guangzhou is, Lin Yanru. She looks forward to studying Journalism Programme. Compared with other universities in mainland China, she mentioned that UIC pays more attention to cultivating students’ comprehensive quality at an international standard. Also, she can quickly and conveniently access teaching and learning resources.

20180825freshman102Lin Yanru (right) talks to a Taiwanese student

The experience of becoming admitted to UIC was special to Zeng Zishu from Shenzhen. Ms Zeng adores UIC for its open campus and diverse opportunities to expand students’ global vision. Her parents did not want her to apply for UIC due to lack of understanding of what is liberal arts. Zishu borrowed money to pay the admission test fee, and eventually, her parents respected her decision. After knowing more about the college, her parents became very delighted with the daughter’s effort.  

xinsheng3Zeng Zishu and her family visit UIC campus during the open day in May

To add to the joy, upcoming rapper and Year 3 Accounting student, Chen Qingyue, released a song to welcome the freshmen.



Quick assimilation

Upon the completion of registration, a one-week orientation for the freshmen is expected to help them become familiar with the surroundings of UIC. These interesting activities include “UIC Go, Go, Go!” in which freshmen were led by their Peer Mentors (older students) to collect stamps from 16 booths located in every corner of the campus.

20180827 new students 1

20180827 new students 4

20180827 new students 5The Mentor Caring Programme (MCP) helps freshmen quickly adapt to UIC life

The new students also took a tour around the Learning Resource Centre (LRC), learnt about student services, and attended information sessions delivered by student organisations. In the coming days, their pre-university life will feature an English Enhancement Programme (EEP), which is a five-day intensive English programme designed to help them adjust to the English learning environment at UIC. Also, freshmen will meet their deans and teachers.

20180827 new students 2

20180827 new students 3A visit to the LRC

The new students will be officially welcomed at the inauguration ceremonies on 28 August.

Parents attended the welcoming sessions and learnt about the college at the Parents Forum, which was part of the practice of Four-Point Education linking the college, the students, the parents and society. UIC President, Prof Ng Ching-Fai, answered questions raised by the audience. On the evening of 25 August, the parents also experienced a formal High Table Dinner with UIC’s senior management.

20180827freshman3A parent raises a question at the Parents Forum

20180825freshman16Parents meet faculty members

Reporter: Yin Lanjing (Y3 IJ)
Photographers: Ivy Liao, Deen He, Cheryl Chen, Zhang Jiamu
Editors: Deen He, Samuel Burgess
(from MPRO)