The annual Student Interest Clubs Recruitment event took place at UIC’s Zhonghe Square on 19 September.


2018 09 19 Club 2

Students turned out in numbers to check out what was on offer; being welcomed and encouraged to join various clubs on campus, which was the main purpose of the event.

2018 09 19 Club 3

2018 09 19 Club 4

2018 09 19 Club 11

Year One Journalism and Communication student, Chen Siyu explained that she joined clubs based on her hobbies, “I love doing exciting things, so I joined in Rock Climbing Club, and I’m also considering about Skating Club. I have a skateboard, so I’d like to have a try.”

2018 09 19 Club 15

2018 09 19 Club 16

Many people came and watched the UIC Cheerleader club dance away to the latest pop songs, while the Kyudo Club members demonstrated the correct archery posture, whilst clad in their finest attire.

Members of the UIC Rugby Club displayed some of their skills, while the Dragon and Lion Dance Team performed their signature dance to the beat of the drums. Various clubs took turns to go on the main stage and showcase their abilities and skills.

UIC Rugby Club displaying their skills

2018 09 19 Club 6

The Dragon and Lion Dance Team performing

UIC Kyudo Club providing a demonstration while wearing their attire

UIC Cheerleaders attracting a lot of attention with their dance moves

Year Four Government and International Relations Programme student and UIC Cheerleader Club member, Tao Yajing, revealed that almost 40 Year One students joined their club during the event.

When it comes to interviews, Yajing explained that they usually ask potential recruits to dance first and then ask them to copy the team. Potential recruits are considered through their learning ability and basic skills. She also offered some advice that students should think about how many clubs they want to join and try to avoid joining clubs that are similar.

2018 09 19 Club 10

2018 09 19 Club 12

2018 09 19 Club 13

2018 09 19 Club 14

Different clubs took turns to go on the main stage

Year Three Applied Translation Studies student and UIC Kyudo Club member, Chen Yutian, spoke about Kyudo being a traditional sports club, explaining that they have no limits for freshmen.

The Kyudo Club has been communicating with Year 1 students in WeChat groups, and have been producing daily videos of Kyudo practice.

When Yutian was asked if it is hard to practice Kyudo, she replied, “Yes. Our bows are about 2 meters to 2.5 meters, and to control such bows, you need to practice very hard at the beginning. It may be difficult, but many people fall in love with Kyudo during their practice.”

When asked what she thought about this year’s Year One students, Yutian, responded with “I think the quality of this year's students is better than before, because they are all well prepared, and they performed very well during the interview.”

2018 09 19 Club 17

Year Three Statistics student and Rugby Team member, Li Zhichao, was pleased to announce that more than 20 Year One students had joined the club with that number still set to rise.

“We are not recruiting formal players. We will take their resumes, their attitudes during the training and their athletic talents into account, and select about ten official players in the end”, explained Zhichao when asked about new recruits.


2018 09 19 Club 18

Year One Applied Economics student, Li Zheyuan, joined the Academic Society of the Applied Economics Programme and UIC Enactus.

“I will have more senior acquaintances in Academic Society of the Applied Economics Programme, who might be helpful in my future study and life, while UIC Enactus can offer many business projects and social resources, through which I can practice a lot”, explained Zheyuan.

Throughout the afternoon, there was an increase in students that came to check out the various activities being presented by the clubs, as well as being able to find clubs that they may be interested in joining.

Reporters: Samuel Burgess
Photographers: Marissa Furney, Ben Wen, Yao Zihong (Y2, FST), Guo Rui (Y3, PRA)
Editors: Deen He, Marissa Furney, Étienne Fermie
(from MPRO)