UIC received the first intake of students of its taught master’s programmes on 26 September, including 13 students from Master of Arts (MA) in Communication and 17 from Master of Professional Accountancy (MPAcc).

President of UIC Prof Ng Ching-Fai spoke excitedly about how UIC is the first international liberal arts college in mainland China to have devoted all its energy and resources in building the academic strength and reputation of its undergraduate programmes.

“Developing postgraduate education has been one of UIC’s strategic goals since its establishment in 2005,” said Prof Ng.


MA in Communication New Student Orientation

Programme Director of MA in Communication Dr Hu Fan welcomed the new students and introduced them to the faculty members who have come from the US, Poland, South Korea, mainland China, Hong Kong and elsewhere.

Orientation for MA in Communication Programme

The main objective of the MA in Communication is to prepare graduates from communication-related disciplines to pursue advanced studies in the specific realm “Global Strategic Communication”. Strategic communication refers to a variety of communication-related professions, including public relations, brand communication and advertising. It synthesizes different communication tools to deliver precise messages to the right audiences.

Group photo of students and faculty members for the MA in Communication Programme

Xu Hui graduated from UIC’s Accounting Programme in 2010 but she chose to study a postgraduate in Communication. She worked for Deloitte before opening her own business. “I want to obtain more professional certificates, and an MA in Communication can be of great help for my development.”

Shi Yi also changed the field of study from Accounting to Communication. “I want to learn about different subjects. UIC offers me a great opportunity. I’m used to the teaching environment here so I think it won’t be too difficult to enter a new field of study.”

MPAcc Inauguration Ceremony and Student Orientation

The MPAcc programme is designed to adequately prepare graduates to become qualified Certified Public Accountants. The 17 students are from diverse academic backgrounds and comprise of UIC and non-UIC students, business and non-business undergraduates.

Group photo of students and faculty members for the MPAcc Programme

Dean of the Division of Business and Management (DBM) as well as Programme Director of MPAcc, Prof Stella Cho spoke about the primary objective of the MPAcc Programme, which is to provide a pathway for business and non-business undergraduates who would like to pursue a career in accounting.

“It aims to equip bachelor degree holders with advanced accounting knowledge to pursue a career in the fields of audit assurance, taxation, business competency and consulting corporate accounting and management, as well as to provide them with the required capabilities to advance to executive positions in the accounting sector,” she said.

When asked why he chose to come back to UIC to study a postgraduate in accounting, MPAcc student Wei Xixiao said, “I decided I wanted to switch careers and go into accounting after becoming interested in it. I also want to challenge myself.

“I was a graduate student at UIC and I like the environment, plus there are plenty of resources for my future studies”, Xixiao explained.

Prof Cho explains about the programme to the students

During the New Student Orientation that followed the tea reception, Prof Stella Cho introduced further details of the MPAcc Accountancy programme to the new students, including the programme structure and contents, the grading system, the award of degree, trimester academic calendar and timetable, as well as general regulations for a Taught Postgraduate Degree.

New MPAcc student Xu Fei mentioned she had heard of UIC and this programme over the summer, and as she had studied Accountancy in Hong Kong she decided to come here.

“I want to learn more at UIC. I did not plan to apply for postgraduate study at the beginning, but UIC gave me another choice because it is very convenient for me to go back to Hong Kong. I aim to find a job in the field of Accountancy in Hong Kong after graduation,” explained Xu Fei.


Graduate Programmes

In June 2016, UIC was given official approval from the Ministry of Education of China to offer postgraduate education through both research postgraduate and taught postgraduate programmes. UIC launched the Graduate School on 9 December 2017.

Prof Ng talks with a postgraduate student

Four research postgraduate programmes leading to MPhil and PhD qualifications in 2018/19 are offered: Biology, Chemistry, Statistics, in addition to Computer Science and Technology.

UIC taught Master's degree education has a more flexible enrolment mode and shorter duration of the study, compared with the postgraduate education of most universities in China. English is the medium of instruction. Applicants do not need to participate in the national postgraduate admission examination but should hold a Bachelor's degree certificate or equivalent certificate with a certain level of English. Students that have passed the one-year full-time teaching mode and meet the graduation requirements will be awarded a Master's degree certificate from Hong Kong Baptist University.

Reporters: Samuel Burgess, Deen He
Photographers: Marissa Furney, Ivy Liao, Lowry Qu, Deen He
Editor: Étienne Fermie
(from MPRO)