20181025 yoga 1

The Gree Coast Cup Zhuhai Citizens Fitness Games was held in Laimeili Mural Village square on 20 October. The UIC team won third prize in the collegiate group while Year One Financial Mathematics student, Xu Ziqing, obtained fourth in the individual competition.

The competition was divided with each group having individual, double and collective parts. The UIC team consisted of nine girls and wowed the audience with a special and mellow performance.

20181025 yoga 2

Before the day, the UIC team had spent a lot of time practicing with the guidance of Assistant Professor of the Whole Person Education Office, Ms Dang Dongmei. Ms Dang was appointed as vice president of Zhuhai Yoga Association due to her devotion to yoga.

The team members felt satisfied with the results. “We have learnt a lot through today’s game, both in choreography and teamwork. There is room for improvement. I would take part in next year’s competition and try my best to win glory for UIC.”

Reporter: Zeng Xini (JC, Y1)
Photos provided by Dang Dongmei (WPEO)
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Étienne Fermie
(from MPRO)