Student singers from universities across Zhuhai participated in an exciting performance that was held at UIC’s University Hall on 26 October. It was estimated that an audience of over 1000 people from Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macao came to support and watch the performance.



The first place award went to Zhuhai College of Jilin University student, Fang Miaofei, while UIC’s Year 3 Culture, Creativity and Management (CCM) student, Yu Haotian, seized fourth place.


Yu Haotian during his performance


Prof Zhang Cong and Mr Xie Minghua with the students on stage

Vice President of UIC, Prof Zhang Cong, and Deputy Secretary of the Communist Youth League Zhuhai Committee, Mr Xie Minghua, welcomed the participants at the singing competition, which also kicked off the 12th Zhuhai University Students Culture and Art Festival.


Prof Zhang Cong


Mr Xie Minghua

During the singing competition, UIC Crew Club, Traditional Arts Club and others entertained the audience with various types of performances.

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The Traditional Arts Club perform for the audience

ELC Foreign Intern, Tyler Austin, a member of the UIC Crew Club, expressed his delight at performing with the UIC Crew Club in this competition. “I thought the competition was wonderful and excellent that they included students from other universities to compete” he said. Tyler also explained how the UIC Crew Club got together two to three times a week for dance rehearsals, with each rehearsal lasting about two hours.


The UIC Crew pose on stage

After the competition, He Dongjing, one of the Top Ten Singers from Zunyi Medical College, said “I am very happy that this stage gave me a chance to challenge myself, even though it was a little stressful at times. I am pretty satisfied with the design of the stage with its modern lighting that provided me with a great experience. The well-work arrangement of the staff also gave me a lasting impression.”

UIC Year 1 Media Arts and Design (MAD) student, Huang Jieqi, expressed her satisfaction towards the competition and all the outstanding singers. “This year’s competition undertaken by the UIC is very successful, and I hope that the next competition will be even more exciting.”



Reporter: Deng Bowen (IJ, Y1)
Photographers: Guo Rui, Liang Xiaolan, Feng Yingying, and Liu Yingtong
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Marissa Furney, Étienne Fermie
(from MPRO)