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The Chairman of Deloitte China, Mr Philip Tsai, was the honoured speaker at the High Table Dinner at UIC on 9 November. He spoke to an audience mostly consisting of Division of Business and Management (DBM) students about the innovation of business in China, as well as the challenges that come with it.

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Mr Tsai explains some of the business challenges that students may encounter

Mr Tsai began by discussing the history of the innovation of technology, which indeed changed the world, and fostered the development of business, having an important impact on human beings.

He also mentioned the butterfly effect in business management, and that entrepreneurs may use it to trace back the specific demand of the people living in urban areas, which stimulates the production of new products and satisfies the needs of their clients.

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President Prof Ng Ching-Fai with Mr Philip Tsai

In addition to theoretical knowledge, Mr Tsai, who was also former President of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA), discussed the significance of business cooperation in this era of mass development of technological revolution in contemporary China.

During the subsequent question and answer session, Year 4 Accounting student, Liang Mengyuan, asked what job opportunities are available for professional accountants, due to the changing dynamic services of accounting.

Mr Tsai responded by pointing out that a lot of companies will now look for people who are more professional and meet the requirements of different clients. He also encouraged all the business students to improve themselves, and to adapt to the quickly-changing business world.

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High Table honoured guests

The speech concluded and made way for a piano duet and a Chinese zither performance from three UIC students, and then the dinner began.

The night ended with a closing remark by Year 3 Accounting student Li Xushan. In her speech, Xushan emphasised the importance of the liberal arts and whole person education provided at UIC, which gives students the chance to improve themselves and enrich their knowledge of the world, as well as raising their awareness of social issues and national policies.

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Li Xushan during her closing remark

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A toast thanking Mr Tsai for an informative speech

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President Prof Ng and honoured guests toasting to students

Reporter: Yin Lanjing (Y3, IJ)
Photographer: Liang Jianhao (Y4, IJ)
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Marissa Furney, Étienne Fermie
(from MPRO)