On 24 January, UIC held a launching ceremony for the official opening of Arts Hill at the new campus. Students can participate in activities such as Shedao, Chinese archery, as well as play traditional Chinese musical instruments like the Guqin. There is a field and several rooms for students to practice the traditional arts.

IMG 0006

Unveiling the Arts Hill sign

UIC President Prof Ng Ching-Fai, Vice President (Academic Affairs) Chen Zhi, Vice President Zhang Cong, the Dean of DBM Prof Stella Cho, the Dean of DST Prof Stephen Chung, the Dean of DCC Prof Brian Clarke, the Director of WPEO Prof Guo Haipeng, the Managing Director for Finance and Administration Mr Nelson Chan, as well as the Director of Estates and Campus Development Office Mr James Cho attended the ceremony.

IMG 0041

IMG 9918

House of qin

Prof Ng Ching-Fai began the ceremony by giving an opening speech. He expressed his gratitude to staff and faculty members who have made efforts to UIC’s development and construction. His expectation for UIC students is to develop their potential and shape their character through the arts.

IMG 9942

UIC President Prof Ng Ching-Fai

After his speech, they participated in planting a tree together to symbolise the growth of the arts in UIC. They also pulled the red curtain to reveal the Art Hill sign.

IMG 9980

Helping plant the tree - a symbol of growth

Year 1 Applied Psychology Programme (AP) student Wang Rui and Media Arts and Design (MAD) Programme Deng Chenyang gave a demonstration of Shedao for the audience.

IMG 0026

Wang Rui and Deng Chenyang perform Shedao

Year 3 Accounting student Ruan Zejun and Year 4 Management of Human Resources Programme student Gao Ruoyue played the song ‘A Conversation between God and Man’ perfectly on the guqin.

IMG 0049

Ruan Zejun and Gao Ruoyue giving a performance

IMG 0048

Listening to Ruan Zejun and Gao Ruoyue playing the guqin

IMG 0065


Reporter: Marissa Furney
Photography: Irene Yu
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Aria Wu
(from MPRO)