UIC has published in its report on graduate destinations that 68% of the 2018 graduates have continued to pursue postgraduate study abroad, in Hong Kong and elsewhere, according to a survey conducted before 17 December 2018.
Amongst these graduates, nearly 60% have been accepted by world top 100 universities in the QS rankings 2018, a record new high. These universities include the University College London, UK; Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; Columbia University, US; Australian National University; as well as the University of Hong Kong.

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The graduates’ favourite countries and regions for further study are the UK (29.43%), Hong Kong (27.67%), Australia (26.54%), and the US (10.57%).
Bright future

A total of 1194 UIC graduates were awarded Bachelor’s Degrees in 2018, and 1083 of them have decided their next stage of life after a four-year liberal arts adventure.
Almost 20% of the graduates have secured jobs in companies. The other career paths contain starting their own businesses, voluntary services, as well as freelancing.
The top five cities for employment are Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Zhuhai and Shanghai. UIC graduates’ average monthly salary reaches 6378 yuan, 57% higher than the Guangdong average.
The most popular industries that the graduates are involved in are media, culture and creative industry (17.39%), business services (13.04%), financial industry (12.56%), education (10.63%) as well as computer science and technology (5.31%).

Reporter: Deen He
Editor: Samuel Burgess
(from MPRO)