Students take vacations as an opportunity to refresh and further themselves. Let’s have a look at some of UIC students’ stories to see how they make their past winter vacation fulfilling.

Xing Tong, Year 4, CTV

Xing Tong spent all his winter vacation shooting a documentary film about bus drivers in Zhuhai, which will help him complete his Final Year Project (FYP). He analysed these bus drives’ attitudes toward their occupation and life, and he felt so happy to have this opportunity to know more about his profession and becomes friends with many of these bus drivers.



Screenshots from the documentary film

Yu Peiru, Year 3, PRA

Yu Peiru went to the University of Westminster (Britain) as an exchange student for the last semester, so she started her winter vacation earlier than she usually does. She felt so lucky to be an intern at MSL China, a Beijing-based leading strategic public relations agency in China. Peiru said that her colleagues were nice to her. Although she made mistakes during the internship, she learned and gained wider experience.


 Yu Peiru


Yu Peiru at work

Liu Zhixuan, Year 2, Finance

Liu Zhixuan always wanted to participate in voluntary work to help people in need, so he applied to teach in a rural school of Yunnan. The poor conditions there made this teaching experience harder than what he had expected. However, when he was reading letters from his students, he realized that all the suffering was worthwhile. Voluntary teaching helped him grow in a positive way, and he would always remember his time spent with those kids.



Liu Zhixuan with his students in Yunnan

Luo Daiyi, Year 3, ATS

This winter, Luo Daiyi joined the seven-day programme “Chan in Winter” (Chan is a Chinese school of Mahayana Buddhism) organised by UIC’s Emotional Intelligence Development Centre. Together with 32 other UIC’s students and staff members, she went to Anguo Temple and Sizu Temple in Hubei to explore Chan culture.


 Exploring Chan culture


A view of mountains in Hubei

They lived a very different way of life in the temples—rose at 4:50am and started to meditate at 5:30am every day, abstained from electronic devices and meat. They began to see themselves differently when experiencing Chan culture.


 Participants of the programme

Zhang Zhiyi, Year 3, CST

Zhang Zhiyi joined UIC’s “Qin in Winter” programme with 13 other students this winter vacation and went to a Guqin House in Beijing. They practiced from early morning to late afternoon under the instruction of Guqin professional, Master Rushan. Tea culture was also included in this programme. They all learnt a lot from this trip and felt wonderful to embrace our traditional culture.



In a Guqin class

Du Jiewen, Year 1, ELLS

Du Jiewen went to Indonesia as a voluntary teaching assistant. Her job was to tutor middle school students. She met people from different culture backgrounds, but she got along well with them. She had a great time with those students enjoyed her winter in Indonesia.



 Du Jiewen (the girl in blue T-shirt and sunglasses) with her students and fellow participants

Wang Zhuo, Year 1, PRA

Wang Zhuo felt honoured to go back to Jinhua Foreign Language School this winter, where she graduated from. She introduced UIC to current students and shared her college life with them. She hoped that her presentation could help them better understand UIC.


Wang Zhuo (left) giving a presentation

Repoters: Xie Yao, Li Jiawei, Wang Zhuo
Editors: Deen He, Aria Wu, Marissa Furney
(from MPRO)