The Division of Culture and Creativity (DCC) and Culture, Creativity and Management Programme (CCM) officially opened the 2019 CCM Annual Exhibition, which was given the title “Amaze”.

The exhibition will be open from 19 to 29 March, in the CC324 Exhibition Gallery. Visitors can see the works from UIC students. The purpose of this exhibition is to illustrate to visitors a variety of projects that were created by the students. These projects integrate the knowledge of cultural and creative industries with the experiential learning together. The displays include posters, videos, models, photos, Final Year Projects (FYP), marketing plans, strategy management reposts, and more.



Vice President (Academic Affairs) Professor Chen Zhi welcomed the audience during his opening speech. He mentioned how some student may feel that individual courses “as a maze”, but once they integrate liberal arts into their education, they will feel “amazed”. He continues by saying, “I am glad to see that through organising the exhibition, students are able to learn and interact with each other and to build up their confidence in sharing their experiences through different forms of presentation.”


Prof Chen Zhi says by integrating liberal arts into students' education, the students will feel “amazed”

A member of the planning team for CCM annual exhibition, Li Shaojun said “From Year 1 students as volunteers to Year 4 as operators, this annual exhibition means a lot to all of us. All pieces in the exhibition are proof of our progress made during these four years. This is the Amazing Maze for CCM students and all UICers”.



Volunteers giave a tour of what visitors will see in the Art Exhibition


Distinguished guests at the opening ceremony

Reporter: Marissa Furney
Photographer: Aria Wu
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He
(from MPRO)