The Division of Business and Management (DBM) held a guest lecture series on digital innovation in Hong Kong, featuring the Chief Executive Officer of Alipay Payment Service (HK) Limited, Ms Jennifer Tan.

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Ms Jennifer Tan

The Dean of DBM, Prof Stella Cho, welcomed everyone before introducing Ms Tan. To begin her lecture, Ms Tan explained how when she received her first cell phone, she knew this device would change the world. It was in that moment she was interested in telecommunication.

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Ms Jennifer Tan and Dean of DBM Prof Stella Cho

Ms Tan asked the audience questions about Hong Kong’s most commonly used payment methods. Majority of the audience agreed that the Octopus payment system was probably the most commonly used, but in fact, it only counts for 5% of the overall Hong Kong payments used. Other methods include credit cards at 50%, cash at 40%, and other methods for the remaining 5%.

She also listed examples of other outlets that Alipay (HK) has established connections with, such as vending and gashapon machines. Other topics in her lecture included the various functions of Alipay, like splitting a bill for a meal or taxi ride, sending funds to another contact, paying for transportation, and even the differences between the QR code and NFC (near field content).

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Students taking notes on the lecture

With her extensive knowledge on telecommunication along with several certifications in accountancy, Ms Tan’s lecture was highly informative and many students asked questions to learn more. Students from the accounting, business, marketing, public relations, and entrepreneurship programmes attended the lecture and discussed the marketing strategies between Hong Kong and Mainland China.

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The students are very inquisitive


Reporter/Photographer: Marissa Furney
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He
(from MPRO)