Liu Xinran graduated from UIC in Cinema and Television (CTV) in 2015, going onto postgraduate studies at the University of Sydney in Australia. She graduated from her Master‘s programme in 2018 after studying media. She then decided to return to Guangzhou to develop her career. This has led Xinran to her current role as director and host of the English interviewing section of ‘Face Time’, which is broadcast on the Guangdong Radio and Television International Channel.

Liu xinran


Liu Xinran

Starting her journey at UIC has resulted in Xinran being a well-rounded individual who has excelled in her line of work. She believes she encompasses UIC’s mission, which is to “nurture talented future graduates with international perspectives.”

"An interviewer in my role must have the ability to integrate Chinese and foreign affairs,” she explains, adding that it is important to tell the Chinese story in a way that foreign audiences can understand. Hence, it promotes the cultural understanding between China and foreign countries.

Xinran attended high school in Guangzhou Zhixin High School and later applied to study at UIC. There was no clear career plan at that time that Xinran wanted to pursue under her original choice for her major; however, through conversations with other students and teachers, she soon found herself being attracted to the CTV programme. “I decided to move to CTV during my sophomore year”.

Xinran said the most impressive experience during her time at UIC was to film her graduation work, the short movie ‘The Lie Co., Ltd’, which she directed, wrote, produced and edited.


'The Lie Co., Ltd' - Xinran's Graduation work

 "We say that a director who doesn't write the script is not a good editor. From script creation, lens design, casting actors, venue negotiation, shooting, and post-editing, every student must be capable of each of these. All you need is great courage and to challenge your own limits."

During university, Xinran also engaged in another hobby, singing. She participated in the UIC Singing Competition and was nominated as one of the top ten. Later, when she was studying in Australia, she also participated in the finals of the "Sing, China!" Sydney Competition and won the Best Popular Singer Award.


Xinran participates in the "Sing, China!" Sydney Competition in Australia

When asked about the best features of UIC, Xinran believes it is independent and diversified. "Unlike other universities in China, there is no traditional class concept at UIC. Everyone is an individual who chooses and studies independently. I support UIC’s Whole Person Education and general education, as I think these ideas help shape us into better individuals. UIC has many foreign teachers and students from all over the world, which allows us to immerse ourselves in the international atmosphere and expand our international vision without going abroad."


Xinran and her classmates' graduation photo

Xinran comments about having a wonderful time and an amazing experience during her studies at UIC. Although she graduated more than 3 years ago, she has been collecting photos of her college days. "I think choosing UIC is one of my most important life choices.”

After graduating from UIC, Xinran studied at the University of Sydney, Australia. In addition to her studies, an internship became an important experience in her life overseas. She worked as an intern at People's Daily. She was mainly responsible for the planning of the video programmes on Australian programmes where she conducted interviews in both Chinese and English. She was also involved in the dubbing and post-production. In addition to these duties, she would compile daily Chinese and English news articles and write local news reports.


Xinran participates in a news report for People's Daily

During her work, Xinran planned and appeared on People's Daily’s online special report in 2018, which was about Australians' Wishes for China. She was also involved in planning and presenting "The 45th Anniversary of China-Australia Diplomatic Relations - Australians Love Chinese Language", where the video received a lot of praise.

Xinran also produced a short video for "When the Panda meets the Koala", which was a contest that was jointly sponsored by People's Daily and the Consulate General of Brisbane, Australia. On New Year's Day of 2018, Xinran planned a special interview at the ‘Sydney New Year's Fireworks’, and it was this interview that was selected by the to be promoted on its Weibo platform.


Xinran (second from left) receives an award from

At the press conference for the New Year's fireworks in Sydney, she was fortunate enough to interview the current mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore, and Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman, who is best known for his role as Wolverine in ‘X-Men’.


Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman and Xinran

In addition to media internships, Xinran also fully demonstrated her talents in 2016 and 2017 when she served as the host of the Sydney Mid-Autumn Cultural Show, which was hosted by the Chinese Consulate General in Sydney. She also was the MC of the 2017 ‘Huaxin Cup’ All-Australian Youth Job Hunting Competition, which was sponsored by the Chinese Students Association in Australia.

Xinran also participated in dinners with the Chinese chambers of commerce, where she has met outstanding peers and people from all walks of life.

In the course of her work, Xinran was exposed to all kinds of individuals in society, seeing the world from outside of the campus, and experiencing the social life. She explains how her life has been filled with joy and challenges. “There are many things in work that need to be done independently, experienced and overcome.”


 Xinran hosts the Mid-Autumn Festival in Sydney City Hall

Singing, directing, and hosting, Xinran dared go on stage, but she said that she was actually an introvert. She believes she is not necessarily a naturally extroverted person. She is competent to complete tasks that require leadership, but her introverted personality makes her appreciate the quiet aspects of life.


Xinran reports for Guangdong TV about Australian Chinese welcome Premier Li Keqiang's visit to Australia

After returning to China, Xinran joined the Guangdong Radio and Television Station as the director and host of the original English interview section of “Face Time". The main content of the programme includes interviews with consuls of various countries and other people of interest that may include chefs of five-star restaurants or volunteers. She explains that UIC has helped her master professional skills such as choreography, production and post-editing, which laid a solid foundation for her career development.


Xinran interviewing

"What I have learned is not just through the textbook but more importantly, through learning projects, social practice, and continuous interaction. It strengthens my judgment and the way I execute a task, which enables me to independently direct, host, and complete one task after another."

Going overseas, Xinran had the opportunity to truly understand the history and culture of foreign countries and the impression of China in the eyes of foreigners. This made her realise the importance of how she is perceived publicly as well as the difficulties and challenges she will encounter. "In the future, I hope to be a good TV programme director and a host that promotes China”.


Recording TV shows with the non-profit organisation Sydney Wildlife

Xinran still remembers the last sentence the President and Vice-Chancellor of Hong Kong Baptist University, Professor Roland Chin, told the UIC graduates to “Go Global, Go Serve.”

"These days, China plays an increasingly important role in the international scene. Under this new environment of media, we should let people of all countries in the world understand China. I hope I can be part of this important historical mission where I can shoulder some of this responsibility in my future work," Liu Xinran said.

Reporter: Samuel Burgess
Photographs provided by Liu Xinran
Editors: Deen He, Marissa Furney, Étienne Fermie
(from MPRO)