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(From left) Mr Jonathan Ng, Mr Patrick Law, President Tang Tao and Prof Stella Cho renew the contract

The thundering sounds of the drum performance signaled the opening of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA) QP Resource Centre Contract Renewal Ceremony cum MPAcc Accreditation Presentation Ceremony. This ceremony marked the fourth time the contract had been renewed as each signing lasted for a three year period. Many guests, faculty members and students came to take part in and witness this ceremony that was held on 16 April.

2019 04 17 QP 1

A drum performance marks the beginning of the ceremony

Year 4 Accounting student, Huang Dongzi, and Year 3 Accounting student, Li Xushan, were the MCs for the ceremony, where they welcomed the honourable guests, special guests and everyone in attendance.

 UIC President Prof Tang Tao thanked everyone for taking the time from their busy schedules to attend the event in his opening and welcome speech. He then spoke about the beneficial relationship with HKICPA, "As China’s economic growth continues, the need for accountants with international outlook and training will continue to expand." He expressed his delight at how quickly DBM were to submit the accreditation application to HKICPA. “The successful accreditation of UIC’s MPAcc Programme is indeed a piece of good news that all of us at UIC should celebrate.”

2019 04 17 QP 3

President Tang talks about the beneficial relationship with HKICPA

 Dean of the Division of Business and Management (DBM), Prof Stella Cho, gave an introductory speech. She explained a bit about the history of this partnership that has dated back to 2009 when the BBA (Honours) in Accounting Programme was accredited by the HKICPA as the first qualified accounting programme in South China. Prof Cho also mentioned that HKICPA will contribute a total of HKD 990,000 during the 3 year period. “I am extremely grateful to HKICPA for its continued financial and learning supports to help DBM advance it educational mission,” said Prof Cho.

2019 04 17 QP 2

Prof Cho talks about the background of this partnership

The President of HKICPA, who is also Deputy Assurance Leader of Ernst & Young Hong Kong and Macau, Mr Patrick Law, was then invited to give a speech. He began by thanking the management of UIC for the support that was given to the students and to HKICPA. The continuing support and partnership is an indication of UIC's dedication, explained Mr Law. He expressed how it was an exciting time with this contract renewal signing.

2019 04 17 QP 4

Mr Law gives an insightful speech

MC and student, Huang Dongzi who is also a registered QP student, shared his experiences in taking the QP exams and passing the QP modules. He hoped that this will eventually lead to him obtaining CPA certification that will shape his career in a positive way. "UIC provided lectures, professional seminars, career talks, discussion forums, and so on, to equip us with not only Accounting knowledge and skills, but also broad ways of thinking and insights into the future of Accounting. These two institutions are organically working together to foster UIC Accounting students’ professional competence."

2019 04 17 QP 5

Huang Dongzi shares his experiences as a registered QP student

Next was the Signing Ceremony of the contract renewal agreement where President Tang, Mr Law, Prof Cho and Acting Registrar of HKICPA, Mr Jonathan Ng were invited to jointly sign the agreement. This was followed by Mr Law presenting the symbolic cheque to President Tang.

2019 04 17 QP 8

Mr Law presents the cheque to President Tang

Mr Law then presented the plaque of accreditation for UIC’s Master of Professional Accountancy Programme to UIC. Accepting the plaque was President Tang and Prof Cho. Photos were then taken, which led to a souvenir exchange between President Tang and Mr Law. The ceremony ended with the cutting of the roast pig and a champagne toast.

2019 04 17 QP 9

President Tang accepting the plaque

2019 04 17 QP 10

Mr Law and President Tang exchange souvenirs

The honourable guests at this ceremony were President of HKICPA, Mr Patrick Law; Vice President of HKICPA, Mr Johnson Kong; HKICPA Vice President, Mr Nelson Lam; Council Member of HKICPA, Mr Wilfred Wong; Acting Registrar of HKICPA, Mr Jonathan Ng; Director, Member Support, Ms Mary Lamas well as Head of Brand and Marketing Ms Paula Qi.

2019 04 17 QP 13

Cutting of the roast pig

2019 04 17 QP 14

A mixture of students, faculty members and guests were present at the ceremony

The special guests for the ceremony were UIC Visiting Professor of Practice, Past President of HKICPA and Former CEO of Financial Reporting Council, Dr P.M Kam; in addition to Consultant, Li & Fung Development (China) Limited, Past President of HKICPA, Ms Susanna Chiu.

2019 04 17 QP 15

Group photo

Representing UIC at the ceremony were President of UIC, Professor Tang Tao; Vice President, Prof Zhang Cong; Associate Vice President, Prof George Wei; Dean of DBM, Professor Stella Cho; Academic Registrar, Prof Jianhui Li; as well as Managing Director for Finance and Administration, Mr Nelson Chan.


High Table Dinner

That evening, Mr Patrick Law was the guest speaker at the DBM’s High Table Dinner. His topic was “Accounting Plus: CPAs for GBA”. Mr Law talked about the development of the Greater Bay area, as well as introducing the professional courses of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He said that with the implementation of the Greater Bay Area, students and graduates will have many opportunities for internships, work, entrepreneurship and research projects.

IMG 3671

Mr Patrick Law speaks of “Accounting Plus: CPAs for GBA”


(from left) Nelson Lam (Vice President of HKICPA), Johnson Kong (VP of HKICPA), Prof Stella Cho, Mr Patrick Law, Prof Tang Tao, Prof Zhang Cong, Prof George Wei, Prof Li Jianhui and Mr Nelson Chan

IMG 3691


会计学 大一 王启钧 You raise me up

Year 1 Finance students Zhang Zihan shared her study and life experience at UIC at the dinner. Her hometown is Yueyang, which is far away from UIC. She credits Mentor Caring Programme (MCP) and classmates for helping her adapt quickly to college life. She said after the first semester, she not only gained professional knowledge, but also learned how to work with others, as well as manage time and make decisions.


Zhang Zihan shares her universtiy experience


Reporter: Samuel Burgess
Photographer Aria Wu, Ivy Liao
Editors: Deen He, Marissa Furney
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