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In 2019, there are a total of 1297 graduating students from 20 academic programmes of UIC. According to a survey that was conducted among 500 graduating students before 10 June 2019, around 80% graduating students have opted to further their studies abroad as well as in Hong Kong. Among these students, 40% have been admitted to world top 50 universities and 65% to world top 100 universities. Imperial College London, University College London, Nanyang Technological University, the University of Pennsylvania, in addition to the University of Hong Kong are just some of the universities that UIC graduating students are heading to.

The butterfly has one of the most fascinating life cycles of all creatures. Just like a caterpillar, UIC students consume as much knowledge and training as they can at UIC, while preparing for the moment to transition into a butterfly and spread their wings. UIC students are eager to take flight and are prepared to meet what comes next.

Becoming a “whole person”

Through team work and presentations at UIC, Cheng Ming became more courageous and better at expressing himself. During his college life, he not only learned professional knowledge, but also gained all-around development in IQ, EQ and AQ.


Growing in UIC

Every day of Ma Jianqing’s college life is busy and full of surprises. She flourished in UIC, and became an openminded critical thinker. Jianqing learned to see things from a different perspective, and in this process, her understanding toward the world gradually prospered.


Sticking to one path

What impressed Zhang Kaixin most at UIC was her first team project. Together with her team members, she took about one month to investigate the air quality in hot pot restaurants of Zhuhai. After studying the Environmental Science Programme, Zhang Kaixin felt certain that she chose the right path for developing herself.


Steering efforts in the correct direction

Wang Junyi believes that UIC is a college that gives students more freedom of expression. She got the motivation and found her own path by winning a firstclass scholarship. She also succeeded in applying for the graduate programme by herself.


Publishing research findings in top journal

The research findings from Liu Jiaxu have been published in one of top journals (ranks as 6/255) in the field of Agricultural and Biological Sciences, Food Chemistry in 2019. The paper was titled ‘A comparative study on texture, gelatinization, retrogradation and potential food application of binary gels made from selected starches and edible gums’. Jiaxu and her supervisor, Programme Director of FST Prof Xu Baojun, reported the effects of the addition of edible gums on texture, gelatinization and retrogradation of selected starches.


Unexpected progress

Ye Ziyun was attracted to UIC’s English environment, as she saw this as a ideal way to prepare herself for further study abroad. Her intended plan worked as her English improved drastically. At the same time, she became braver to try new things and accept any challenges. During her exchange study abroad, she realised that the experience at UIC had greatly helped her.


Producing movies with people sharing my dream

Cao Yiwen obtained a sense of achievement when she saw her directed movies shown on the screen. She made great efforts in producing movies, during which the dedication of her colleagues inspired her and she enjoyed working with people who loved producing movies too.


Knowing myself in debate

Luo Han is a debater. As a freshman four years ago, she won a championship together with her experienced team members who were as senior students. She believed that during the debate, she learned how to provide quick responses and to be confident in front of a large audience.


Guiding me through the tour

Tang Yihan loved asking questions in class, which were all answered by her accommodating teachers. She felt grateful to many teachers at UIC who care about their growth. Some teachers inspired her to embark on the road of further study.


Being listened to and cared about at UIC

For Zhuang Ziruo, UIC encourages students to be independent and open-minded. What attracted him to UIC was more than being independent and open minded, but also the staff members who really cared about students. When Ziruo applied for a change for the final examtime, the Dean called him personally to know about his reasons and difficulties, making him feel that he is being understood and cared about.


Dreaming further

Before coming to UIC, Cai Rui never thought about studying abroad, nor learning media and journalism from both Chinese and Western perspectives. It was at UIC where she became determined to pursuit this profession. She owed her ability to balance social life as well as adjusting to UIC's schedule and extracurricular activities.


Like a dragon and lion dancer

Yu Shuhang sees challenges as a way to improve himself. As a member of UIC’s Dragon and Lion Dance Team, he stayed with team members on campus during the summer vacation for intensive training in preparation for a dragon and lion dance competition when he was still a sophomore, which resulted in them winning.


Learning in and out of classroom

Tan Dilang believes that there are two different types of ‘learning’ at UIC. In addition to teaching and learning in the classroom, students can receive advice on study and life from the dedicated teachers after class. Dilang thus learnt that one should be modest, develop servant leadership and help others in need.


Interdisciplinary experience

As an Environmental Science student, Wang Yuanmou has had a variety of experiences across different disciplines. He participated in Health Qigong competitions, he studied Shedao (Chinese archery), and he led the 3D Innovation Development Lab. The crossborder experience has made his college life fascinating.


Your own way of thinking

Gao Yuru praised the strength of faculty at UIC and the close interaction between teachers and students. The teachers encourage the students to create their own way of thinking instead of just learning from the textbook. Yuru also appreciated the opportunities she has had during the past four years that have enabled her to explore her interests.


A teacher that will not be forgotten

He Yanjun was grateful to her late teacher Daniel, who enlightened her about photography during the photojournalism class in 2016. The patient teacher had left very significant influence on her and inspired her in her future plan.


Respect diverse opinions

After Huang Jiaying came to UIC, she discovered that many questions often have no standard answers. The classroom was tolerant of different points of view and encouraged student to risk even if it means they could be making mistakes. Jiaying enjoyed this learning process that extended her horizon.


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(republished from UIC magazine New Dimensions Issue 9)