The cobblestones in Hui Xian Village was filled with outdoor display booths as well as new and old students on 11 September to promote the annual Interest Clubs Activity Fair. The fair is intended for new students to go and take a look at all of the fun and exciting clubs that they can join. With over 80 interest clubs to choose from, there was bound to be a club that piques the interest of every student.


New students walking around checking out the different booths

Students are able to walk around from booth to booth and check out the different clubs that they are able to join, all while being welcomed and potentially recruited by the current members of those clubs.





New students being recruited

During the event, many clubs took the chance to show off what they can do. The lion dance club did a traditional dance, while the rugby club showed off their athleticism. The Kyudo club demonstrated their talent while many of the different music clubs could be heard sharing their talent in the background.



Different clubs showing off their skills

Walking around the activities fair it was easy to see the huge variety of different club options. There were sports and outdoor activities clubs such as Table Tennis, Rugby, Cheerleading and many more.


UIC Cheerleaders

Shirlly Zhang from the table tennis club said, “People should get involved on campus because it is a good way to meet new people” she continued “ Table tennis, in particular, is a great way to get exercise, be involved in sports and meet lifelong friends.”


Shirlly Zhang (left) with another member of the Table Tennis Club

There are art and culture clubs such as; Candle Art club, over six different music clubs, and a variety of other clubs relating to the arts.



A variety of different art clubs

Kyrstal Long from the Candle Art Club wants to make sure people know that all are welcome to her join her club. “It’s okay if they are beginners, we will teach them” she continues “We want to help people be more creative, making art is a good way to relax and keep stress levels down.”


Candle Art Club showing off some of their work

There are many more clubs in the categories of academics, voluntary service clubs and social enterprise clubs.


Student exploring numerous other booths 

Exchange student, Ethan Linder, joined three different sports clubs including the baseball club, the outdoor club and the tennis club. He said, “I decided to join these clubs because I wanted to start getting to know more people around campus and understand the club culture here” he continued “I specifically joined the outdoor club so I could try different outdoor activities throughout Zhuhai and I joined the baseball club because I used to play it in high school and I am looking forward to having the opportunity to play it again.”




UIC students promoting their clubs

First-year student Gai Tinting decided to join the Guqin Club. She said, “Just imagine that 3,000 years ago when the ancients played the Guqin in Han clothes and composed such wonderful music. The idea of being able to learn to play this instrument is incredibly attractive to me.”

Numerous different club members agreed that getting involved in clubs is one of the best ways to meet new friends and experience college life.

Reporter/Photographer: Lauren Richardson
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He
(form MPRO)