Shien Zheng Goh is a full-time degree-seeking international student from Malaysia who has spent his first year at UIC making connections. Majoring in E-business Management and Information Systems in the Division of Business and Management (DBM), Goh has also been building up his connections by participating in the college’s sports teams or by making friends locally on campus. Even though he has spent only a year at UIC, it is obvious he has already made his mark at UIC.


Goh explained that he really enjoys being taught in English even though it was difficult for about a month, but then communication became easier. “You just have to make sure to be focused in class,” he added.

Besides concentrating on studying hard, Goh is also the leader of the college’s badminton team. He has been playing badminton for many years as it is a trendy sport in Malaysia and he is excited to continue that through his next few years here at UIC. He added that in addition to badminton, he also enjoys volleyball, but UIC doesn’t have volleyball courts yet, but he has heard that they are in the process of getting some.

His mother was the one who sparked Goh’s interest in UIC as she wanted him to make connections outside of Malaysia, so in the future, it will be easier for him to be successful. “The more she talked about it, the more excited I got,” he continues. “I always wanted to study overseas, and I thought that this might be a chance for me to experience a new environment and a new education.”

Being at UIC for one year has given Goh a taste of what the classes and education at UIC have to offer. He explained that he is excited to dive deeper into his major, but he can’t help but enjoy the Physical Education classes because they work on teamwork and communication. He has taken badminton and basketball as well as the base class, which allowed him to travel to Beijing to climb.

This year Goh is looking forward to adding another language to his list by taking Spanish as a foreign language. Goh was also one of the five international students to receive the Guangdong Government Outstanding Foreign Student Scholarships in November 2018. 

2018 11 30 International scholarships

Shien Zheng Goh (second from left) receiving the Guangdong Government Outstanding Foreign Student Scholarship

“One of my mom’s friends, Dr Karen Lee, is a guide and mentor for me,” Goh said. DBM Assistant Professor Dr Lee teaches Finance and Management at UIC. Goh took her classes last semester in business in the changing world and microeconomics. Goh added, “Whenever I feel lost in my study, she is always there for me, and I am really grateful for that.”

When asked what Goh wished he knew before starting his first year, he responded with, “Don’t stress too much, if you listen every day in class, you won’t have to study constantly.”

Goh hopes that his experience as a full-time international student will inspire others to study abroad and make connections. “It’s a great experience to study in China, it is a great way to practice English, and Chinese plus China is improving every year and is a great place to make connections and help with business in the future,” said Goh.

Once he has graduated Goh plans on going back to Malaysia to participate in an internship for a year or two before going back to get a master's in project management.

Reporter: Lauren Richardson
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He
(with thanks to the ELC)