The annual Hall High Table Dinner took place on 18 September, honouring the students who have taken leadership roles within the halls on campus. The event was organised by the Student Affairs Office (SAO) and the Four-Point Education Coordination Office (FPECO).

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Singing the national anthem

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High table guests

The goal of the night was to not only honour the individuals in leadership but to also answer the question: How can you help to further strengthen UIC’s hall culture?

The night started with the attending guests, wardens and students entering the Hall, followed by the High Table guests. After all were seated, the attendees enjoyed a group singing of the national anthem, followed by a musical performance.The College Anthem singers were SAO staff Flavia Chen, Year 2 ELLS student Xu Ziyi and Year 2 GIR student Zhong Yuyi. Year 2 AE student Zhang Bowen was the violinist for the event.

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Various musicians playing throughout the night 

Warden of Literary Education Hall Dr Maggie Tang then proceeded to introduce and welcome President Prof Tang Tao to the stage to deliver a speech.


Dr Maggie Tang welcoming President Tang to the stage

UIC President Prof Tang Tao welcomed all of the attendees and gave a special thanks to the wardens and hall student committee officers who have given their time, passion and dedication in order to establish a unique hall culture of UIC.

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President Tang welcoming the guests

President Tang began by explaining that when UIC was established that they had set out to make it one of the first liberal arts colleges in China. President Tang said, “We care for the development of well-rounded students, we hope to enable our students to be the masters of their own self-development.” He again thanked everyone for providing a living environment that allows students to grow socially, culturally and emotionally while also strengthening their academic excellence.


President Tang giving his speech 

President Tang explained that the hall officers have a commitment to establish hall culture, promote communication, organise meaningful hall activities and most of all promote a sense of belonging. He continued by giving advice to the new hall officers: First, construct a positive residential community; Second, demonstrate civility to your residential hall community; Third, demonstrate confidence with interpersonal skills; Fourth, demonstrate sustained relationships within residential hall community; Fifth, promote teamwork; Sixth, learn how to manage time; Seventh, enhance problem solving skills.

Warden of Innovative Education Hall Dr Bonny Yuen, was welcomed to the stage after President Tang. “Put yourself in other people’s shoes and have empathy” Dr Yuen emphasises when explaining how important communication, love and respect are when having a roommate in college.

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Dr Bonny Yuen giving her speech 

Chairwomen for Liberal Education Committee Zhong Yuyi , praised the hall officers for their determination and their excellent illustration for the spirit of service. She said, “Frustration might creep up on you when having responsibility or you may lose passion but the spirit of service is so important and that will not go unnoticed and you will get the things you deserve, that is called principle of reciprocity.”

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Zhong Yuyi giving her speech 

After several questions from students and answers from different High Table guests, certificates were given to each hall’s student representative as a way of recognising the dedication and effort of the different hall officers. There were various other awards handed out to honour the wardens. The night came to a close with a delicious dinner and a toast to UIC by President Tang.

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Various students asking questions 

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High table guests answering the questions posed by the students 

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Award and certificate recipents 


Reporter: Lauren Richardson
Photographer: Ben Wen, Lauren Richardson
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He
(from MPRO)