Visiting members from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor (UMHB) in Texas, US, and various members of UIC had a meeting to explore collaboration opportunities for student exchange, summer programmes, research opportunities abroad and various other overseas programmes on 14 October. 

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) between UIC and UMHB had been signed earlier on 3 September. This signing aims for more students from both UIC and UMHB to benefit from this co-operation.


Meeting between members of UMHB and UIC 

Participants from the UMHB included Associate Dean for Graduate Programmes in the McLane College of Business Dr Nancy Bonner, Director of International Student Services Dr Elizabeth Tanaka and Professor of Business Computer Information Systems Dr Jim King.

Members from UIC included Vice President (Academic Affairs) and Dean of the Graduate School Prof Chen Zhi, Associate Vice President Prof George Wei, Dean of the Division of Science and Technology Prof Huang Huaxiong, Director of the International Development Office (IDO) Dr Katharina Yu and Associate Director of IDO as well as Acting Director of the Career Development Office Ms Li Mei.


(from left) Dr Tanaka, Dr Bonner and Dr King

The meeting started off with the visitors' thoughts on the recent Postgraduate Education Fair. Dr Jim King said, “I am a long, old-faculty member and I have met many students in my life and the students here have been outstanding.” He continues, “The students are very engaging, friendly, mature and they can converse intelligently and clearly, it was fun to spend time talking to them.”




After a brief introductory presentation about UIC given by Dr Yu, they began a discussion about collaboration opportunities. The topic of research and internship opportunities for UIC students at UMHB was the first topic of discussion. UIC has hopes of research and internships being the main collaboration between the two schools.


Dr Yu gives the introduction presentation 

Along with research, they discussed semester-long exchange programmes and the details that go into that such as credit transfers, housing, admission requirements and more. “Our office is here to serve you and your students,” Dr Tanaka added when explaining the services the international office at UMHB offers. They then moved onto summer programme options, which mainly focused on various science and technology programme options.

The next topic of discussion was the different master and graduate programme options. Ms Li added that “80% of students will have studied abroad during their time at UIC and most students are looking to go abroad again after graduation.”

UIC added the various options for UMHB students at UIC and added information about the three masters’ programmes UIC offers as well as internship programmes.

The two institutes also talked about options for faculty members and explored faculty relationships for research in the near future. All the members present from UIC agreed that UIC would be happy to accept the students and faculty of UMHB.

Near the end of the meeting, Dr King mentioned that he wants to bring a group of his students here in May to get the feel of China and UIC’s campus in order to spark interest in students at UMHB.

The meeting concluded with a gift exchange to each member of UMHB and to thank them for their time as well as enthusiasm in the making of this collaboration.


Souvenir exchange

After the meeting concluded Dr Tanaka, Dr King, Dr Bonner and Ms Li had a short meeting with a group of students about the various options that are offered at UMHB.


Ms Li introducing the guests

Dr Tanaka started with an introduction about UMHB. She touched on American football, dorms, activities, facts about the university and the different resources on campus. Dr Bonner followed with information about Master's programmes and Dr King finished with the relationships that are built with professors and what classes will look like before ending with a few words of inspiration for the students.





Meeting and talking to students 

The session ended with a few one on one questions with the three different faculty members of UMHB. Students left feeling inspired and motivated to learn more about UMHB and the different options for studying abroad. 


Reporter/Photographer: Lauren Richardson
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He
(from MPRO)