The Research Development and Knowledge Transfer Office (RDKTO) hosted the ‘Sharing Session on Application of Research Funding’ on 16 October.


In his opening speech, UIC President Prof Tang Tao encouraged colleagues to engage in and conduct research, as he is a strong believer that research can help raise the teaching quality. He explained that there are different types of funds and grants available for research and that UIC’s faculty members are of strong quality and could receive such funds and/or grants.


Prof Tang Tao encouraging colleagues to apply for research grants

Vice President (Academic Affairs) Prof Chen Zhi took to the stage to give an informative presentation about teaching and research. The presentation showed the incentives to promote research, which included the newly implemented Teaching Relief Arrangement where faculty members with good research outputs may be granted teaching relief upon the recommendation of respective review panels. Prof Chen went into more detail by explaining the framework of teaching relief and research assessment exercises. He finished by saying that he looks forward to seeing more research output achieved under the support of the teaching relief scheme.


Prof Chen Zhi provides informative details and talks about incentives

Academic Registrar and Deputy Director of RDKTO Prof Li Jianhui explained that even though UIC is a liberal arts college, it still understands the importance of research. Prof Li gave a presentation that was titled ‘The overview of research in UIC and UIC research grant application’. He began by talking about the research achievement of UIC and what grants they had previously received. It was mentioned that since 2015, UIC has been included in the scope of the Guangdong Innovation and Enhancement Programme, and has received funding for research and education reform projects. Prof Li encouraged staff members to apply every September when the applications become available.


Prof Li Jianhui talking about the research achievement of UIC

Four professors then took turns to share their experiences in applying for research funding as well as knowledge transfer. The first speaker was Associate Professor in the Division of Business and Management (DBM) at UIC, Dr Shawn Tang. He was followed by Prof Zhang Shengjun, who is the Associate Dean of the Belt and Road School at Beijing Normal University (BNU).


Dr Shawn Tang talks about his experiences with research grants


Prof Zhang Shengjun speaking about applying for research grants

Associate Dean of Industrial Automation Division at Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai, Prof Bao Fanbiao and Prof Di Yana of UIC’s Division of Science and Technology also shared their experiences about applying for funds.




Prof Bao Fanbiao shares his know-how of applying for research grants


Prof Di Yana gives her understanding of applying for research grants

UIC’s Dean of DST and the Chairman of Research Committee Prof Huang Huaxiong thanked the speakers for their helpful sharing in his concluding speech.


Prof Huang Huaxiong gives a concluding speech

Reporter: Samuel Burgess
Photographer: Ivy Liao
Editors: Deen He, Lauren Richardson
(from MPRO)