The Division of Science and Technology (DST) invited guest speaker Prof Kevin Jones, a Lancaster University professor from the UK, who established the Lancaster Environment Centre, to give a lecture 8 November.


Distinguished guests and audience memebers before the lecture 

Prof Jones has pioneered world-leading research into the environmental sources, fate, behaviour and effects of persistent organic pollutants over the last three decades. In addition, he is one of the most cited researchers in Environment/Ecology. He also works as an advisor of numerous boards including the United Nations Environment Programme.


Prof Jones introducing Lancaster University 

His talk titled, ‘Chemical Pollution of Water: A Global Issue’ discussed the past and present water quality issues, methods for ranking and prioritising of pollutants, monitoring tools and techniques, and some aspects of modelling for catchment management.


Prof Jones receiving a souvenir from Dean of DST Prof Huang Huaxiong


Group photo prior to Prof Jones lecture

Near the beginning of his talk he said, “Collaborating and working with China is very important for me and environmental science research because we cannot focus on environment without being able to focus on China’s role and the environment here” before saying how excited he is to be here and to start a deeper collaboration with UIC.

Throughout his talk he focused on his invention of Diffusive Gradient in Thin Films (DGT) and how Europe adapted the device to test the waters throughout the continent. “Humans ambition to have a more sustainable environment is here and alive more than ever,” he explained, which is why it is important to have a simple way to figure out the level of pollutants in the water.



Audience members captivated by Prof Jones lecture 

At the end of the lecture there were numerous questions among the audience. The first question was asked by a student, he said, “Can DGT be used to collect data on the concentration of heavy metals or does DGT now collect the concentration?” in which Prof Jones responded with, “It doesn’t give us the concentration but we can calculate it.”




Members of the audience applauding Prof Jones

Many eager audience members asked questions about how they can learn more about DGT and Prof Jones replied by explaining that a company in China supplies it so students and faculty can learn more about it.

Earlier on the day, members of UIC and distinguished guests from Lancaster University gathered to discuss possible areas of further collaboration on 8 November.


UIC and Lancaster representatives dicussing collarboration 

Currently, UIC and Lancaster University have collaborated for summer programme operations.

Distinguished guests included: Professor of Lancaster Environment Centre and Director of Joint Institute for Environmental Research and Education Professor Kevin Jones and Office Manager of Lancaster University LEC China Office Ms Jinghan Wang.

UIC participants included: the Dean of DST Prof Huang Huaxiong; PD of Environmental Science Dr Sui-TaiTsim; Associate Professor of Environmental Science Dr Donald Chiu Hong Lee; and Assistant Professor of Environmental Science Dr Bonny Bun Ho Yuen.



Discussing different options for exchange programmes

During the meeting they discussed collaboration ideas revolving around the internship programme, semester exchange programmes and visiting/exchanging of faculty members. They discussed a lot on the topic of environmental science and different research opportunities for students and faculty members at both universities respectively.

Before the conclusion of the meeting numerous questions were asked about the internship programme regarding logistics of the programme and different areas that are available for internship.

Reporter/Photographer: Lauren Richardson
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He
(from MPRO)