The Briefing Session on Professional Accountancy Conversion Programme (PACP) and the Certificate Presentation Ceremony was held by the Division of Business and Management (DBM) of UIC on 21 November.

UIC obtained the accreditation of PACP from the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA) in 2011. The programme is specifically designed for non-accounting students who aspire to pursue an international professional accountancy qualification. Students who complete this programme are equipped with the required core accounting knowledge for pursuing an accounting career and a CPA qualification.

20191121DBM 2

Dr Michael So (1st from left) and Prof Stella Cho (1st from right) award the certificates

Assistant Programme Director Dr Michael So made a detailed introduction to the Programme, including accounting career, professional accounting group, programme curriculum structure, assessment methods, and admission requirements, etc. Dr So said that the 10th PACP will start in the summer of 2020, from 25 May to 10 July. Non-accounting students are welcome to apply.

Director of the PACP and Dean of DBM Prof Stella Cho further introduced the conversion programme and interacted closely with the students.

Prof Cho put forward many valuable suggestions for the future career plans of the students. She mentioned that not only PACP is helpful for students who aspire to enter the accounting industry, but also the financial accounting, management, economics and other knowledge learned in PACP is useful for all walks of life. Students who complete PACP normally would stand head and shoulders in their future career.

20191121DBM 1

Prof Stella Cho introduces PACP

At the briefing session, Prof Cho announced that in the past summer vacation, in total 12 students successfully completed PACP and obtained Certificates of Completion. Professor Cho also awarded the Certificates of Completion to four of the students who came to the site.

Two of the graduated students shared their learning experiences after the certificate presentation. Ms Shu Chang said, “I am studying finance; I find that the PACP courses are very useful for me to understand the finance major courses and to build an overall financial system in my mind. Secondly, it is really competitive for job hunting with HKCPA qualification."

20191121DBM 3

Dr Michael So talking about the next course

Ms Ou Jiajun, a student majors in applied economics, said, "After completing the PACP courses, you can apply for the QP exam in the first semester of year 4. You can complete the exams of HKICPA QP in not more than three years. Comparing with other people who can only participate in the exams after finishing their undergraduate study, students who complete PACP have a very great advantage in time."

This briefing session on PACP aims to let more students be familiar with PACP, develop more employment channels for UIC students, and enable them to stand on a much broader employment platform.

Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Lauren Richardson (MPRO)
(from DBM)