The Division of Science and Technology held a three part lecture series on 27 November, inviting Assistant Professor in Data Science at UIC, Dr Nicolas Turenne, Research Fellow at the University of Toronto, Dr Li Yupeng and Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Hong Kong Baptist University, Dr Tong Tiejun to give lectures.

Starting off the series was Dr Nicolas Turenne whose lecture was titled, ‘Credibility of Information and the Rumour Spectrum’. He had obtained his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Strasbourg.


Dr Turenne explaining his research 

His talk focused on the concept of ‘Rumour’, which is an old social phenomenon used in politics and other public spaces. The idea of ‘Rumour’ has been studied for a hundred years but is becoming more of a focal point in research because of social media platforms and the opportunities to improve quantitative analyses.


Audience listening to the idea of Rumour 

At the end of the lecture there were numerous questions about the different features and curves to use in the research, different models pertaining to positive feedback within rumours and about the software he uses.

The next lecture was by Dr Li Yupeng and his talk was titled, ‘Robust Flow Classification against Malicious Manipulation’. He had received his PhD from the University of Hong Kong.

DSC08473 Copy

Dr Li on robust flow prediction 

During his talk, Dr Li focused on his research on robust flow prediction against malicious behaviour of generators with a discussion of both theoretical and experimental analyses. He explained that malicious generators and game the predicator and increase the likelihood of certain learning outcomes.

DSC08481 Copy

Audience gathering details about the research of Dr Li

After some questions he mentioned that this was his first time at UIC and that he was more than impressed with not only the campus but the faculty as well as the students, and he hopes he gets to return another time.

The final lecture of the day was by Dr Tong Tiejun and his talk was titled, ‘Statistical Methods for Meta-analysis: A Review and Some New Developments’. He received his PhD in statics from the University of California at Santa Barbara.


Dr Tong introducing his research 

During the talk, he gave an overview of the history and the main procedure of conducting a systematic review and met analysis. In addition, he presented statistical challenges in meta-analysis, and he provided the new developments he has discovered that will help advance the literature.


Full room of audience members excited to learn from Dr Tong


Reporter/Photographer: Lauren Richardson
Editors: Deen He, Samuel Burgess
(from MPRO)