UIC presented a total of 24 scholarships to 931 recipients based on their performances and achievements during the 2018-2019 academic year. The Scholarship Presentation Ceremony was held at the University Hall on 27 November 2019.

191129jxjbj 10

UIC President Tang Tao presents the Professor Xu Jialu Whole Person Education Award

The number of recipients has increased by 51% over last year, and the total amount of grants reached about RMB10.66 million, which included donations from the government and the community.

“At UIC, scholarships are an essential form of support from the public to our students,” said UIC President Prof Tang Tao during his address.  

“I am pleased to see that the number of students who have been given First Class Award and Second Class Award has been doubled, as the matriculation quality has gone up year by year,” President Tang continued, quoting words from the late theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein, “The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.”

191129jxjbj 1

President Tang Tao encourages the students to “Dream big, do big, and give big in future for your college, your country and your people.”

Director of the Fung Sun Kwan Chinese Arts Foundation Prof Kwong Kin Hung represented the Foundation by delivering a speech, highlighting that the majority of the 12 awardees of Mr Fung Sun Kwan Scholarship of Excellence are from the Division of Business and Management (DBM) as well as the Division of Science and Technology (DST).

“The more students that study Chinese culture and history, the better,” Prof Kwong added.

191129jxjbj 11

Prof Kwong Kin Hung presents the Mr Fung Sun Kwan Scholarship of Excellence


New scholarships

Three new scholarships were awarded, namely the Beeplus Scholarship, the Ching-Fai Shuk Wah Scholarship, and the xCurrency Curiosity Scholarship.

The Beeplus Scholarship is donated by 2014 Accounting graduate Mr Jia Fan, who is the founder and CEO of Zhuhai Beeplus Technology Ltd. This scholarship awards three students every year who have excelled in interest club activities, community services and social practice, with each student receiving RMB50,000.

191129jxjbj 9

Mr Jia Fan presents the Beeplus Scholarship

The Ching-Fai Shuk Wah Scholarship came from donations by other UIC alumni, with a matching donation by UIC’s founding President Prof Ng Ching-Fai and his wife. This scholarship is granted to five students, each recipient receiving RMB5,000 for their servant leadership.

191129jxjbj 7

Founding President of UIC Prof Ng Ching-Fai presents the Ching-Fai Shuk Wah Scholarship

The xCurrency Curiosity Scholarship is donated by 2010 Government and International Relations graduate Mr Chen Jiaxin, who is also founder and CEO of Travel Tao Limited. It awards two recipients RMB50,000 each. The xCurrency app has been downloaded over 90 million times across 160 countries.

191129jxjbj 12

Mr Chen Jiaxin donates the xCurrency Curiosity Scholarship

191129jxjbj 8

Partner of Travel Tao Limited Ms Liu Shengyi presents the xCurrency Curiosity Scholarship


Stories behind

Year 4 Accounting student Li Xushan won the First Class Award and The Ching-Fai Shuk Wah Scholarship. She shared three key aspects of her university life – “Interests, potential and encouragement” during her speech on behalf of the scholarship recipients.

191129jxjbj 14

Li Xushan highlights three key aspects of her university life – “Interests, potential and encouragement”

Year 3 Applied Economics student Wang Yingping comes from rural Yunan. In 2018, she and her fellow students formed a team to provide voluntary enquiries about Gaokao (National College Entrance Examinations). They have helped over a thousand children from a rural area to learn about the outside world and how to change their life by entering colleges. Wang was thus awarded the Beeplus Scholarship.

191129jxjbj 6

Taiwanese student Xie Xintong is in her second year studying Applied Psychology. She received both the First Class Award and the Taiwanese Students Scholarship 2019. She attributed her colourful life to UIC’s Liberal Arts Education and Whole Person Education, which has expanded her horizon.

191129jxjbj 13

Year 4 Government and International Relations student Shao Chenhan was a multiple scholarship winner, with the First Class Award, the Professor Xu Jialu Whole Person Education Award and the National Scholarship in hand. She had an exceptional performance during the Whole Person Education experiential learning courses.

191129jxjbj 3

Zheng Hao from Year 4 Computer Science and Technology showed massive curiosity during his adventures in the past three years. One of his proudest moments was winning sixth place with his fellow students at the 13th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation 2019. He was awarded the First Class Award, the National Scholarship and the xCurrency Curiosity Scholarship.

191129jxjbj 5

Year 4 Cinema and Television student Yu Peiyun captured the First Class Award. While being inspired by this honour, she believed that a high GPA and scholarships are not the ultimate goals of university study but to enjoy learning.

191129jxjbj 2

191129jxjhy 1

Group photo

191129jxjhy 15

President Tang Tao presents the Mr and Mrs Cutrupia Scholarship (Mainland China Student)

191129jxjhy 16

Students receive the Mr and Mrs Cutrupia Scholarship (Hong Kong SAR Student)

191129jxjhy 13

Vice President Prof Zhang Cong presents the National Scholarship

191129jxjhy 12

Associate Vice President Prof George Wei presents the First Class Award

191129jxjhy 2

Academic Registrar Prof Li Jianhui presents the Admission Scholarship

191129jxjhy 6

Managing Director for Finance and Administration Mr Nelson Chan presents Renewals of Admission Scholarship

191129jxjhy 7

Dean of DBM Prof Stella Cho presents the Second Class Award

191129jxjhy 10

Dean of DST Prof Huang Huaxiong presents the Second Class Award

191129jxjhy 9

Associate Dean of DHSS Dr Charles Lowe presents the Second Class Award

191129jxjhy 8

Associate Dean of DHSS Prof Simon Zhao presents the Second Class Award

191129jxjhy 11

Acting Dean of DCC Dr Jiang Wei presents the Second Class Award

191129jxjhy 3

Chief Student Affairs Officer Prof Johnston Wong presents the HK School Principal Nomination Bursaries

191129jxjhy 4

Chief Student Affairs Officer Prof Johnston Wong presents the Taiwanese Students Scholarship

191129jxjhy 5

Director of IDO Dr Katharina Yu presents Guangdong Government Outstanding Foreign Student Scholarship

191129jxjhy 14

Mr Jia Fan represents alumni and presents the Hand in Hand Bursary


Reporter: Deen He
Photographers: Ben Wen, Liang Xiaolan
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Lauren Richardson
(from MPRO)