The 123rd High Table Dinner of UIC was organised by the Whole Person Education Office (WPEO) and took place on 29 November 2019. The Director of Guangdong Talent Services Bureau Mr He Qimou was invited to give a speech, titled ‘German talent ecology inspires the building of Guangdong’s talent highland’.

20191129WPEO HTD05

The students attending the 123rd High Table Dinner

As the Director of Guangdong Talent Services Bureau, Mr He has dedicated himself to Guangdong’s policymaking in talent services, in order to attract more talents to come and stay in Guangdong. Other than that, he is also an artist and a poet where some of his accomplishments in art have been acknowledged both in China and overseas.

20191129WPEO HTD03

Mr He Qimou

In his speech, Mr He shared his insights on what can be learnt from German talent ecology. Germany has around 82 million of population, yet many Nobel Prize winners were cultivated here. Mr He went for a two-month field trip to Germany out of admiration where he saw the way Germans educate their children, which impressed him. Education in Germany does not urge their children to surpass but instead, it teaches the children to “lose from the beginning”. Moreover, the health of the kids is valued more than their success in grades.

20191129WPEO HTD02

Mr He Qimou gives a speech

According to Mr He, only if Guangdong builds a good talent ecology, the talents will take root in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Mr He then reflected on the dilemma that Guangdong is now facing such as the set of policies that have not been perfected. He proposed the solution to build a “human resources industrial park”, and provide package services to talents, and eventually build a talents’ bay.

After the sharing session, UIC Vice President (Academic Affairs) and chairperson of the High Table Dinner Prof Chen Zhi announced the appointment of Mr He as a visiting professor of WPEO.

20191129WPEO HTD04

The appointment of Mr He as a visiting professor of WPEO

The other honourable guests at the High Table Dinner included Vice President (Student and General Affairs) Prof Zhang Cong; Associate Vice President, Prof George Wei; Academic Registrar, Prof Li Jianhui; Managing Director for Finance and Administration, Mr Nelson Chan; Dean of DBM, Prof Stella Cho; and Acting Dean of DCC, Dr Jiang Wei.

20191129WPEO HTD01

(from left) Dr Jiang Wei, Prof Stella Cho, Prof Chen Zhi, Mr He Qimou, Prof Zhang Cong, Prof George Wei, Prof Li Jianhui, Mr Nelson Chan

On the morning of 30 November, Mr He was shown around the UIC campus by Prof Chen Zhi, and the Instructor of WPEO, Mr Xie Jinlin. They also visited an end-of-term student exhibition of WPEO’s Experiential Arts course. Mr He complimented the students’ hard work. As a gift to give Prof Chen Zhi, Mr He painted a landscape of snow mountains.

20191129WPEO HTD11

Visiting the House of Shedao

20191129WPEO HTD12

Mr He is painting the snow mountains

After his visit, Mr He headed to one of the classrooms to make a latex painting. He painted the letters “UIC”, using simple materials and implementing unique techniques. This painting was a gift from Mr He to UIC.

20191129WPEO HTD13

Mr He is working on the latex painting

20191129WPEO HTD10

The latex painting 'UIC'


Reporters: Jiang Shunmei (Y2 PRA), Covee Wang
Photographers: Bai Haonan (Y2 CST), Qin Yao (Y2 PRA) Lowry Qu
Editors: Deen He, Samuel Burgess
(from MPRO)