On the evening of 26 February, Environmental Science alumni of UIC, who each went to different well-known colleges and universities overseas for further study, shared their experiences online with UIC students, while also encouraging them to strive for their dreams.

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Programme Director of ENVS Dr Tsim Siu-Tai hosts the session

Deng Zehao is a 2019 graduate and he is now doing Built Environment: Environmental Design and Engineering studies at University College London. He shared his study experience and provided some learning suggestions for the students.

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He said, “In terms of learning, some graduate courses are different from undergraduate courses, and some courses are more of a challenge”. He continued by talking about his experience when applying, “British universities have a strong focus on GPA and IELTS scores. Therefore, students should pay attention to their own GPA, and also have a good foundation in English Proficiency”. Deng Zehao also talked about how UIC gave him a good platform as the college’s English teaching model gave him more courage to communicate with others when studying abroad.

Another 2019 graduate Fan Changchang shared the process of applying to the National University of Singapore.

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Fan Changchang listed courses for the programme she’s currently enrolled in -- Environmental Engineering Programme at the National University of Singapore.

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She said, “In terms of study, the master’s degree programme in Environmental Engineering is a one-year programme with two semesters, and students are required to take five courses each semester.” 

She believes that UIC’s curriculum is in line with international standards and since it is taught in English, it helps students to continue their studies abroad.

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Fan Changchang participates in the summer programme co-organised by UIC and Trinity University

Zhang Kaixin, who also graduated from UIC in 2019, shared how she applied to the Master of Environmental Studies with a concentration in Environmental Sustainability at the University of Pennsylvania in the US.

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Zhang Kaixin explained that in the US, social networking is a very important aspect of college life, and students need to use some of the resources that universities give in order to broaden their interpersonal circle. She also shared some life hacks living in Philadelphia.

She explains that she started to grow interests in environmental studies since high school, and after entering UIC and studying courses from her programme, she quickly realised that she had made the right choice.

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Zhang Kaixin and Dr Tsim Siu-Tai 

In addition, 2016 graduate Wang Xin shared his study and living situation in Australia for the students.

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After graduating from UIC, Wang Xin went to the University of New South Wales to study Environmental Engineering Science Programme and even continued to apply for a PhD. He encouraged the students to be proactive and broaden their interpersonal relationships.

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Wang Xin at UIC

“Be sure to actively participate in answering questions and also research beforehand. Show your strengths and advantages, and to make a good impression with the professor”, he explained when talking about applying for PhD programmes.

He shared that UIC's English teaching enables students to quickly integrate into the new environment in Australia. Also, UIC has allowed him to develop in an all-round way. It not only helped him be able to learn easily in his studies but also cultivated his own interest in life.

Xie Liyan graduated from UIC in 2017, and now she has just finished her two-year master's degree study in Environmental Science at Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

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Liyan shared that the college system is very different. It has six semesters in one year and each semester has one to two courses. If students want to apply for a scholarship it would be better to enrol during the fall. 

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Xie Liyan (fourth from left in the second row) at the Poster Presentation hosted by Division of Science and Technology

She later explained that UIC’s all English teaching is in line with international standards in terms of teaching methods and performance assessment methods, so she can quickly adapt to Wageningen University's learning. Besides, she really enjoyed the summer programmes and internship opportunities she got in UIC.

Reporter: Lauren Richardson
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Covee Wang
(from MPRO)