20200324UIC 8

Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhuhai National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone and Director of its Administration Committee, Mr Su Hu visited UIC on 24 March 2020.

Mr Su praised the college's epidemic prevention measures. The two sides further discussed the cooperation between industry, university and research, and held a signing ceremony about the management of the Huitong Sports Park.

Mr Su Hu was joined by his counterparts, Party Committee member and Deputy Director of the Administration Committee of the Hi-tech Zone Mr Zhou Huogen; and Directors of various bureaus including Mr Li Xiaodong, Mr Zhang Hanming, Mr Chen Jisheng, and Mr Luo Fuzhi.

President of UIC, Prof Tang Tao; Vice President (Academic Affairs) Prof Chen Zhi, Vice President (Students and General Affairs) Prof Zhang Cong, greeted the guests warmly. Director of the Whole Person Education Office (WPEO), Prof Guo Haipeng; Coordinator of WPEO-PEC, Prof Shi Lei; and Director (Academic) of the Innovation Centre, Prof Amy Zhang also attended the meeting.

20200324UIC 5

UIC and Hi-Tech Zone representatives have a meeting 

At the meeting, Prof Zhang Cong introduced the management of the campus during the epidemic, the health tracking of staff and students throughout the college, and the preparation of epidemic prevention materials.

Mr Su Hu affirmed the college's prevention and control work and hoped that the college would keep learning about the updates of staff and students who are overseas currently, and connect with relevant government departments in prevention and control measures.

20200324UIC 17

Mr Su Hu (left) and UIC President Tang (right) discussing UIC's development

President Tang introduced the recent developments in research and admissions at UIC and explained that UIC has greatly promoted the introduction of scientific research talents. He went on to talk that in the future, it will strengthen the cooperation between industry, university and research and the transfer of scientific research results, especially in the areas of big data and artificial intelligence, hi-tech software, intelligent imaging and diagnosis.

20200324UIC 19

UIC Industrial-University Research Collaboration Centre in Zhuhai National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone

UIC has launched an Industrial-University Research Collaboration Centre in the Hi-tech Zone. The college will add an undergraduate major in applied mathematics this year and will further strengthen and expand the development of science and technology in the future. He thanked the Zhuhai government and the Hi-tech Zone for their strong support in the development of campus land and sports parks.

Subsequently, Director of the Construction and Environmental Protection Bureau of the Hi-tech Zone, Mr Chen Jisheng and Vice President (Academic Affairs) Prof Chen Zhi signed an agreement with the Sports Park management on behalf of both parties.

20200324UIC 20

The two sides sign the Huitong Sports Park management agreement

20200324UIC 4

Mr Su Hu (right) and President Tang Tao

Located next to the Huitong village is about 500 metres away from the campus, the new Sports Park has been completed. The park covers an area of 127 mu (around 514,000 square metres), has a standard track and field of 400 metres, an artificial turf football field, and a variety of sports fields. The park is also equipped with ecological ponds, children's playgrounds and more.

20200324UIC 8

The entrance of the Sports Park

20200324UIC 2

A bird's eye view of the new Sports Park

20200324UIC 9

Ponds located in the Sports Park

20200324UIC 13

Running track

20200324UIC 14

Basketball courts

20200324UIC 15

Tennis courts

At present, UIC already has a wealth of indoor and outdoor sports and fitness venues. In the future, it will further innovate sports teaching and research as well as promoting sports culture and enhance student fitness in many ways.

Reporter: Lauren Richardson
Photographers: Deen He, Lowry Qu, Ivy Liao
Editor: Samuel Burgess
(from MPRO)