UIC welcomed the new Secretary of the College Party Committee and Vice President (Administration), Prof Mao Yaqing, at an appointment ceremony on 30 March.

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President Tang Tao welcomes Prof Mao Yaqing on board

Prof Mao is a Professor of educational leadership at the Faculty of Education in Beijing Normal University (BNU). He received his doctorate from BNU in 1996.

Prof Mao is Deputy Head of the National Working Group of Experts on the Training of Primary and Secondary School Principals, Vice Chairman of the National Association for the Training of Primary and Middle School Principals, the Director of Chinese Executive Office of School Management of Cooperation Programme between UNICEF and China’s Ministry of Education, as well as the Director of Research Center of Principals leadership in BNU.

The appointment ceremony marked the transfer of office between Prof Zhang Cong and his successor Prof Mao Yaqing.

Prof Wang Shoujun, who is Vice President of BNU, President of BNU’s Zhuhai Branch as well as Director of the Management Committee of BNU’s Zhuhai Campus, read out the appointment of Prof Mao, in addition to thanking Prof Zhang Cong for his 14 years of dedication to UIC.

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Prof Wang Shoujun reads out the appointment

Prof Mao Yaqing mentioned in his speech that he understood that his position at UIC would be a massive responsibility. He said that he would help deepen scientific research cooperation between UIC and BNU, and enable students to obtain more education resources.

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Prof Mao Yaqing says he is ready for his new responsibility

Prof Zhang Cong thanked his colleagues for support and help that he had received over the years. He said that working at UIC for 14 years was an unforgettable experience and no matter where he would be in the future, he would always be with UIC.

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President Tang gives Prof Zhang Cong a souvenir for all his hard work

In his speech, UIC President Prof Tang Tao acknowledged Prof Zhang Cong for his great contribution to the development of the college while also praising him for his dedication and performances in his post.

President Tang also hoped that Prof Mao would bring his advanced education concept, broad international perspective and rich management experience to ensure the college to come to a greater height.

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President Tang thanks Prof Zhang's contribution and holds high expectations from Prof Mao 

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UIC Vice President (Academic), Prof Chen Zhi is the MC of the appointment ceremony 

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Group photo 

Reporter: Samuel Burgess
Photographer: Ivy Liao
Editor: Deen He
(from MPRO, with thanks to ELC)