UIC is going to offer two new undergraduate programmes in the academic year 2020-2021: Applied Mathematics and Music Performance.


Applied Mathematics

The BSc (Hons) in Applied Mathematics Programme is set to be offered by the Division of Science and Technology (DST). With a global focus on preparing students to enter STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields, Applied Mathematics plays an important role in preparing the future workforce.

Mathematical sciences are an increasingly integral and essential component of various areas including biology, medicine, social sciences, business, advanced design, climate, finance, advanced materials, and more.

The programme will fully utilise the university's advantages of internationalisation, and focus on the development of students' knowledge, ability and personality.

It aims to cultivate talents with a solid mathematical background, exploratory spirit and international visions, as well as to offer opportunities to students wishing to pursue a postgraduate education or develop their applied mathematical skills in an area of relevance to the modern industrial context.

The academic leader of the programme is UIC President Prof Tang Tao, a mathematician and Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences who has been widely known for his expertise in computational mathematics, high-order methods and adaptive grid methods. In addition to President Tang, there is a faculty team with high reputations in academia both at home and abroad.

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Internationally acclaimed mathematician Zhang Yitang gives a distinguished lecture

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The Workshop on Computational and Applied Mathematics held in December 2019 is hosted by the Institute for Mathematical Research, which was jointly established by UIC and Beijing Normal University

Music Performance

Music Performance is a programme of Division of Culture and Creativity (DCC). The programme focuses on training musicians, providing opportunities for them to develop a variety of professional skills and understandings across a range of practical and theoretical aspects of music.

A four-year comprehensive study provides students with advanced skills and deep knowledge of instrumental playing, helping them become creative graduates who have an international outlook, as well as all-round skill sets. The programme will cultivate future professionals and leaders in the cultural and creative industries in China and the world.

The programme will be taught by an international faculty. The strong teaching team helps students develop advanced skills in performance that enable them to become outstanding in future career.

UIC has well-equipped practice rooms with full series of Steinway pianos, Pro Tools recording and media studios. Acoustic superb performance venues including rehearsals studios and a variety of concert halls provide students with the best facilities and environment to practice and perform.

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 UIC orchestra and choir


A music performance at UIC

About UIC

Situated in Zhuhai, UIC was jointly founded by Beijing Normal University and Hong Kong Baptist University. It is the first full-scale cooperation in higher education between the Mainland and Hong Kong.

UIC shoulders the historical mission of advancing the internationalization of Chinese higher education and taking the lead in implementing liberal arts education in China.

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Since its first enrolment in 2005, UIC has grown into an international institution with innovative educational approaches.

Graduates will be awarded Bachelor's Degrees by HKBU and Graduation Certificates by UIC.



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