On the afternoon of 13 May, Deputy Mayor of Zhuhai City, Mr Liu Jiawen, visited UIC to gain a stronger understanding of the College's education philosophy and teaching facilities. Mr Liu also put forward suggestions about promoting a good educational environment as well as offering guidance for the construction of the second phase of the College.


Mr Liu makes suggestions on the construction of UIC's second phase


Mr Liu viewing plans of the second phase of UIC's campus

Mr Liu first visited the proposed land for the second phase of UIC campus before going to the Sports Park, the University Hall, the Sports Complex, the Learning Resource Centre, CTV studios, as well as the Arts Hill on the current campus.


Visiting the Learning Resource Centre

UIC President Prof Tang Tao's introduced to Mr Liu the development of the College. Prof Tang explained the Liberal Arts Education and Whole Person Education, as well as the blend of the internationalised environment with traditional Chinese culture that UIC provides. The College will vigorously promote the construction of the second phase of the campus, and continue to introduce excellent teachers to foster more talents.

Mr Liu emphasized that UIC has a unique geographical location, backed by Phoenix Mountain and adjacent to the ancient Huitong Village. The construction of the second phase of the campus should be implemented with high quality and high efficiency to create more talents for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Deputy Secretary-General of the Zhuhai Municipal Government, Mr He Qingming, suggested that the construction of the second phase of the campus should need clear working hours for each stage of the project and should have a specific responsible person for each task.


He Qingming speaking at the meeting


President Tang explains that UIC will vigorously promote the second phase campus construction

Delegates from Zhuhai High-tech zone administration committee, municipal education bureau, natural resources bureau and others joined the visit.


Group Photo

Reporter: Samuel Burgess
Photographer: Ivy Liao
Editors: Deen He, Lauren Richardson
(from MPRO)