UIC welcomed back the first batch of graduating students on 18 May. From 18 May to 22 May, more than 800 undergraduates will return to the campus since the COVID-19 pandemic.

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A Year 4 student returning to campus

Many preparations were made including a shuttle bus to collect students from Tangjiawan station and bring them to the campus. The first steps as soon as the students arrived were to have their temperature checked, ID verified as well as health code inspected.

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UIC arranges transport from Tangjiawan Station

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Students having their temperature checked

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President of UIC Prof Tang Tao was at the entrance to greet the returning students and welcome them back.

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President Tang welcoming the returning students

Each returning student was given a package containing a thermometer so they can monitor their body temperature, face masks to wear around campus as well as additional accessories to help keep them safe.

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Students are given a package contain face masks and disinfectant

At around 10 am, many of the students returned to the dormitory. Previously, the College had regularly turned on the air conditioning and dehumidification for the dormitories and opened the windows to ventilate to reduce mould and bad smells.

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Students are taken to the dormitories on a bus when it rains

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When it came to lunch, students could choose to dine in or take away. The canteens were set up with a one-way system to control the flow and ensure social distancing, and the seating had been arranged to ensure the safety of students and staff members that chose to dine in.

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 The canteens on campus have taken extra precautions


What do the returning students think?


Mei (Yichang, Hubei)

“On 7 May, I departed from Yichang, Hubei by taking the high-speed rail to Guangzhou and then transferred to Tangjiawan Station at 6 pm before taking the College bus to the medical observation point. During the epidemic, the College kept in touch with me. After learning my itinerary plan, they checked in at the medical observation point for me in advance. The basic daily necessities and the network were also prepared in advance. There was also a WeChat group so that we can have timely feedback if we required. One of the most heart-warming details is that when we arrived at the medical observation point, the staff members prepared fruits, masks, disinfection gel and other epidemic prevention materials for us, and also attached a warm welcome letter.

"I plan to stay until the end of May this time. In addition to collecting my belongings and preparing some materials for studying abroad, I also want to meet teachers and classmates and cherish the time.”

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Hu (Beijing)

Hu departed from Beijing on the 17 May by high-speed rail and arrived in Guangzhou early on the 18 May before transferring to Zhuhai. She said: "Although the journey of more than twenty hours is very long and my body is very tired, I still feel very excited to return to the campus. I don't know how long it will be before I have the opportunity to return to campus after graduation. I plan to stay in College for a week, meet my classmates and talk to the teachers."

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Wang (Huizhou, Guangdong)

“To return to campus as early as possible to meet the teachers and classmates, I returned to Zhuhai early on the evening of 17 May and hurried back to College early the next day. UIC is still so beautiful, but my mood is a bit complicated. On the one hand, I am very happy to go back to the campus while on the other hand; I regret that I could not have more memories here during my last year. This time I plan to return to College to take a good look at our campus, including getting to experience the new Sports Park as well as getting the opportunity to take photos with teachers and classmates.”

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Zhang (Zhuhai, Guangdong)

“As my family is in Zhuhai, my schedule is more flexible, so I decided to be part of the first batch of students to return to campus. I plan to get together again with my classmates and put on my graduation gown to take photographs. After four years of college passing by, even in such special circumstances, I still hope to leave no regrets for my graduation. I also registered as an intern at the UIC Admissions Office, hoping to contribute to the College’s admissions promotion work as a student before graduation.”

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Reporter: Samuel Burgess
Editors: Deen He, Covee Wang
(from MPRO)