UIC 3D Map 20200709 01 副本

The modern and well-equipped campus of UIC is located at 2000 Jintong Road in Zhuhai, right next to the ancient Huitong Village. The teaching buildings, Learning Resource Centre, and residential buildings are alternately arranged, which makes students' study and life more convenient and comfortable. The college also has facilities such as Cultural Creativity Clusters, laboratories, research centres and professional studios to assist staff and students.

With the newly launched interactive 3D map, you can now visit UIC without having to physically be here. There are a lot of features waiting for you to discover, including photos, videos, etc. There are also descriptions in both Chinese and English for added convenience.

Click here or scan the QR code below to start your UIC virtual tour.

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UIC 3D Map 20200709 01 副本

UIC 3D Map 20200709 02 副本

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Reporter: Covee Wang

Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He