UIC held the orientation for new postgraduate students on 20 September. Nearly 400 communication graduate students have started a new journey in life.

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Orientation for new postgraduate students

In 2020, UIC and the School of Communication of Hong Kong Baptist University jointly launched the Master of Arts in Communication. The course is divided into four specialization concentrations: Media Management Concentration (MMGT), Film, TV & New Media Concentration (MAFTNM), Communication Studies Concentration (MACOMM), and AI & Digital Media Concentration (AIDM). The curriculum combines the advantages and characteristics of the School of Communication of Hong Kong Baptist University and UIC. With concurrent studies in liberal arts and sciences, the course promotes interaction, integration and cross-discipline among subjects, and is committed to cultivating applied and compound talents. Faculty of both UIC and Hong Kong Baptist University participate in the teaching. The graduates are awarded a Master of Arts in Communication Studies from Hong Kong Baptist University upon completion, which is recognized by the Ministry of Education.

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Vice President (Research and Development) and Dean of Graduate School of UIC Prof Jia Weijia pointed out in the inauguration ceremony that the cultivation of high-quality talents is of utmost importance. UIC has always insisted on quality as the core and innovation as the driving force in the development of graduate education by integrating excellent academic resources from multiple sources, creating superior disciplines, and training high-level talents. The school emphasizes international vision, ethics, and comprehensive development. In the future, it will further promote the innovation of training mechanisms and models to cultivate more high-quality talents for the country.

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Prof Jia Weijia pointed out the cultivation of high-quality talents

Assistant to President, Head of President and College Office, as well as Administration Director of Graduate School, Ms Ashura Lam, said that the Master of Arts in Communication programme is taught jointly by the competitive faculty of the two colleges. She hopes that students can get out of their comfort zone and make good use of the resources and the time they have at UIC and gain a wonderful campus life.

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Ms Ashura Lam hopes that students will have a wonderful campus life

Dean of the School of Communication of Hong Kong Baptist University, Prof Huang Yu, welcomed the freshmen through a pre-recorded video. He mentioned that each concentration of the MA in Communication is unique and creative, especially AI & Digital Media Concentration (AIDM), which represents the direction of future media development. Prof Huang also hopes that all students will lay the foundation for greater achievements in the future through learning.

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Prof Huang Yu welcomes the arrival of freshmen via video

Course Directors of various majors also met with freshmen online and offline. This included: Directors of MACOMM Prof Guo Zhongshi (Director of Master of Arts in Communication at HKBU) and Dr Lin Caili (Assistant Professor of Division of Humanities and Social Sciences at UIC); Directors of MMGT Dr May Wang Ying (Associate Professor of Division of Business and Management at UIC) and Mr Li Wen (Director of Master of Social Sciences in Media Management of HKBU); Directors of MAFTNM Dr Jiang Wei (Associate Dean of Division of Culture and Creativity and Associate Professor of Cinema and Television Programme at UIC) and Associate Professor Wen Wenjie (Associate Director of the Master of Arts in Film, Television and Digital Media at HKBU); Directors of AIDM Prof Su Weifeng (Professor of Division of Science and Technology at UIC) and Dr Zhang Xinzhi (Programme Director of Master of Science in AI and Digital Media at HKBU).

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Acting and Assistant Director of the Graduate School of UIC, Ms Wang Xin, introduced UIC campus facilities to freshmen. After the opening ceremony, a meeting for each division also a welcome lunch was also held.

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Prof Jia Weijia communicates with the new graduate students of the Division of Science and Technology (DST)

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Dean of the Division of Culture and Creativity Prof Holger Briel welcomes new graduate students

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Associate Dean of the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences Prof Zhao Xiaobin speaking to graduate students

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Assistant Dean of the Division of Business and Management (DBM) Dr Lin Mi speaking to new graduate students

Feedback from Graduates

This year's graduate students include fresh undergraduates, prospective international students affected by the epidemic, as well as senior media professionals, corporate managers, etc. The range of their age is 22 years old. They have arrived at the school to register in batches of 14 to 18.

Gong Daojun is a veteran in the game field of the Internet industry and a freshman of UIC's Master of Arts in Communication- AI & Digital Media Concentration (AIDM). He believes that the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in games is very early and very mature, and the future is still promising, so he sprouted the idea of postgraduate studies and systematic learning. He hopes to learn Artificial Intelligence and digital media expertise systematically in ADIM, and master the methods of professional research. Gong Daojun believes that UIC is a dynamic and breakthrough university that is innovative in many dimensions. He said that the operation of the college is very flexible and he appreciates how the international and Chinese elements of the College complement each other.

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Veteran media person Zhu Pengjing returned to campus after working for 8 years and enrolled in the UIC Master of Arts Communication- Communication Studies Concentration (MACOMM). As an undergraduate majoring in Chinese Language and Literature, he hopes to take this opportunity to supplement his communication knowledge and think about the future development of the industry and himself. Zhu Pengjing believes that UIC's postgraduate courses have great advantages as student s can enjoy high-quality teachers and education without going to Hong Kong as well as obtaining a widely recognised degree.

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Wang Qilong studied financial management as an undergraduate, and he started working after finishing his study in the US. In his work, he often comes into contact with media-related businesses. He hopes that he can advance his knowledge as well as learn about media and management from UIC's Master of Communication in Media Management so that he can better apply it to his work.

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Liang Yan graduated from Cinema and Television Programme in UIC in 2020. She has got an offer from the Master of Arts in Producing for Film, Television and New Media in the School of Communication, HKBU. Due to the impact of the epidemic, she chose to study at UIC. In the summer of her junior year, she came into contact with the profession of producing during her internship and developed a keen interest in it. She hopes to develop in this direction in the future.

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Tang Huan majored in new media as an undergraduate. She believes that AI & Digital Media Concentration allows her to learn a wealth of media theories and practical knowledge, which are in line with her interests and employment needs. Having worked in the education industry, she has seen the uneven development of education and hopes to gain more practical skills through her studies at UIC, to be able to integrate communication technology and educational resources and contribute to the education cause.

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Editors: Samuel Burgess, Zhang Fan
Photographers: Ben Wen, Gao Xinyu, Wu Kexin, Rita Guo