On the evening of 15 October, UIC held the Hall Day Forum for Year 1 students in the Staff and Student Activities Centre. Centring around the theme ‘Time Management and Interpersonal Relationships’, students, UIC President and the Wardens of each hall gathered to discuss how to manage the college life.

Student hostels at UIC are formed into eight halls, which combine living, learning and education. UIC promotes “hall culture” with an emphasis on the communication and interaction between students and teachers. Wardens and resident tutors live with students in the halls to provide positive influence and guidance. 

As a traditional activity of our hall culture, the Hall Day Forum provides students with opportunities to communicate with teachers face-to-face to help the students better enjoy their college life.


At the forum

Before the forum started, President of UIC Prof Tang Tao and the wardens had dinner with the students and exchanged views on study and life.


President Tang Tao speaks of his views on time management

At the forum, President Tang gave his suggestions for time management to the freshmen. He encouraged students to participate in student interest clubs and practical activities. During vacations, students can broaden their horizons and accumulate learning and working experience through internships and summer programmes.

President Tang also suggested that students should read more books. He said that although fragmented reading is becoming more popular nowadays, reading can help students acquire systematic knowledge, which can also help the students to absorb the contents of their courses better.

Dr Maggie Tang, the warden of Literary Education Hall, shared suggestions on interpersonal communication with first-year students according to her personal experience.


Dr Maggie Tang shares suggestions on interpersonal communication

The first suggestion Dr Tang mention was that sincerity is more important than communication skills; as one should be brave in expressing their views and be a listener with empathy. She also encouraged students to seize the opportunity of teamwork and community activities to improve their interpersonal skills in practice.

As a representative for all students, Tong Xihan, a first-year student majoring in Applied Mathematics from the Excellence Education Hall, shared her experience in life arrangements from three perspectives on regular sleep pattern, time management as well as maintaining good social relations.


Tong Xihan, a student representative, exchanges souvenirs with President Tang Tao

How to balance love and study in college? In the discussion session, Yan Jiayin, a freshman majoring in Media and Communication programme from Scientific Education Hall, asked questions about romantic relationships in college to President Tang. President Tang believes that the best situation is that the two people in this relationship can plan their time well, find the balance among study, life and love, enjoy this relationship and grow together based on focusing on their studies. Students also communicated with teachers about other aspects relating to dormitories and friends.


President Tang Tao answers questions



Students are asking questions


Ye Yinru, a second-year student from ACCT, providing a dulcimer performance

Warden of the Global Education Hall Dr Shawn Tang, warden of the Liberal Education Hall Dr Angela Ma, warden of the Excellence Education Hall Prof Johnston Wong, warden of the Wisdom Education Hall Dr Peng Xiaoling, and warden of the Scientific Education Hall Dr Timothy Wu also attended the forum.


Some of the students and teachers who attended the forum


Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He, Ma Yiran
Photographer: Zhang Fan